Type: Text
Characters: Dr. Kyne, T. (Chief science officer)
Chapter: 2
Can be found: On the Research Wing, it is the well lit large room you get to. On the bottom floor, opposite to the elevator, is a room. In this room there is a movable bookcase. The log can be found in the hidden room.


The vidlogs from the colony are poor quality, but the artifact does indeed appear to be a genuine Marker, the first to be found in Unitology's two hundred year history. I'm eager to get it on board the ship so I can study it properly.

The potential here is enormous. Not just for me personally, though it's true I've dreamed of such a discovery for decades. But also to humanity, and the Church of Unitology in particular.

This Marker could herald the dawn of a new age for mankind, and I will do my part to ensure it comes to pass. I know the Church will be grateful, but the true recognition will come from all of humanity. On this day, we are blessed.