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Type: Video
Characters: Terrence Kyne, Benjamin Mathius
Chapter: 2
Can be found: On the medical bay, it is the first well lit area you get to. On the bottom floor, opposite to the elevator, is a room. The log can be found in this room.
Kyne: What in god's name is going on down there?
Matthius: I think that's precisely the point, doctor. God's work.
Kyne: I'm not so sure of that...We have to assume that the colony's problems are somehow connected to the marker.
Matthius: You can assume all you want to. I do not. The Marker is glorious and divine, you - you know that.
Kyne: God moves in mysterious ways.
Matthius: Anyway, we'll have it on board tomorrow. You can analyse it all you want to. What are you so worried about?
Kyne: Worried? Captain, people are dying down there. Killing each other. Is this madness the "transformation" Unitology teaches us?
Matthius: Doctor...Terrence...there will always be risk when the stakes are high. And here, they are enormous. It could change everything.
Matthius walks out of view
Kyne: That's what worries me.

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