Type: Audio
Characters: Valery Dietz, Tucker Edwards, Chuck Sekowski, Sam Kettle
Chapter: 5
Can be found: CMS Terra Nova Bridge
Valery: Ship recorder on. All hands stand by for deceleration. Okay Edwards, on your mark.

Tucker: Roger that, Val.

Valery: You will address me as Commander while we are on the bridge.

Tucker: You got it darlin'. Retro thrusters engaged. Whoa! Easy now. The Luv Boat has arrived. I'd like to thank ya'll for flying the Terra Nova. Welcome to the ass-end of the Universe.

Valery: Okay everyone, time to shake the lead out! Sekowski, hail Admiral Graves. Kettle, report to Cradle Ops. This is your show now. Let's deploy the ships. Recording off.

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