Type: Audio
Characters: Kinner Phelps
Chapter: 13
Can be found: In Project Inner Core, on the gray table to the left of the Store. Maybe be difficult to spot as it is hidden behind some things.
Kinner Phelps. Research log 43-553 - I'm convinced we are puppets of some alien influence. I no longer believe we are in control of this project, or ever were. I believe even our rationalizations for this whole thing are an illusion, planted by the forces behind the original Marker, the Black one. We don't know how to make this thing. It is making us make it. And it's trying to get out. Desperately. I'm under security watch after taking a sledgehammer to the tiny Marker I built last week. We need to destroy everything we've built here, and destroy every record, every shred of research. They were right the first time on Aegis VII -- this is beyond our ability to know or control! I have to go, my supervisor is whispering to the security guard.

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