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Type: Audio
Chapter: 4
Can be found:
Dr. Barton: ...I told you! I DON'T KNOW!!
Interrogator: Dr. Barton, someone is broadcasting a coded message planetside! Who are you trying to contact!? Dr. Serrano? Tell me!
Dr. Barton: STOP! Please, they wouldn't tell me, I don't know!
Interrogator: Commander, this is Unit 3. They've barricaded themselves in with the broadcasting equipment.
Commander: If that's where they want to die, let them. Cut the ship's power. It'll kill their life support and cripple their transmission.
Interrogator: What about the others?
Commander: You know the orders. No one lives.
Interrogator: Understood.
Dr. Barton: No no, please! You don't understand! You can't... You can't do this!

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