Type: Text
Characters: Dr. Warwick, B. (Chief Psych Officer), Brant Harris
Chapter: 2
Can be found: On your way to the shockpads, after the winding hallway, you come across a room with a bench and a node controlled door in it. It is on the ground near the entrance.

PATIENT: HARRIS, B. (Employee #PM-19026-EH) Harris is asleep, after another strong sedative. He seems literally unable to sleep without chemical aid. Most people succumb to exhaustion after 50+ hours of waking, regardless of any desire to stay awake. Not Harris.
His explanation of events on the colony is also odd, and points to the same paranoia we've seen elsewhere planetside. His guilt is not in doubt--two planteside security officers were present when he took Dr. Sciarello hostage and murdered Nurse Evans--and he doesn't deny his actions. But he insists there was no crime, nor does he feel guilt.
This is classic sociopathic behavior, but Harris exhibits no other symptoms. He is affable and friendly, able to empathize and offer original opinions. When questioned about the murder, however, he becomes withdrawn and intransigent, displaying schizophrenic behavior. He also undergoes intermittent hallucinatory periods, again similar to those experienced by other colonists. Harris claims he threatened the Doctor because he "had to stop the dreams and the faces", and that he'll kill again to "Make it whole again". What that means, I haven't determined yet. A most intriguing case.

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