Type: Text
Characters: General Mahad, Admiral Graves
Chapter: 14
Can be found:
SCAF-ISC-30694 TV-MD212

FROM: GEN S. Mahad TO: ADM M. Graves

SUBJECT: RE: 163rd Special Unit

If it's bunk space you're worried about, you won't have to worry for much longer. I'm taking half of them down with me to the planet once we get ourselves dug in.

And as far as manners go, I didn't pick them because they play nice with others. There's a reason they call the 163rd the "Reapers". These guys all cut their teeth doing wet work for us during the Secessionist riots on Earth. They're the coldest bunch of killers you're ever going to find and they're my insurance that nothing's going to go wrong.


FROM: ADM M. Graves TO: GEN S. Mahad

SUBJECT: 163rd Special Unit

Would you mind telling me why I have to double-bunk half the officers on my ship so you can house your freeloading 163rd? They're rude and they don't do a single useful thing aboard my ship. Why are we wasting resources on this frivolous addition to the mission?

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