Type: Audio
Characters: Ellie Langford, Isaac Clarke, Nolan Stross
Chapter: 7
Can be found: Given after aligning one of the Solar Array panels.

  • Isaac: Alright Ellie, one down. How's it lookin on your end?
  • Ellie: I'm trying to roll back the cover now. Stross, can you give me a hand with this?
  • Stross: He'll hurt me! I'm not strong enough!
  • Ellie: I promise I'll protect you, now just get over here and give me a hand. There's something covering the collector panel. Oh my God, there's hun-- there's thousands of them. They're breaking apart!
  • Isaac: Ellie, get out of there...
  • Ellie: ... oh God, they're heading this way! Run Stross, RUN!
  • Isaac: ELLIE! Ellie come in! Ellie! Shit.

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