Type: Video
Characters: Kendra Daniels, Zach Hammond
Chapter: 1
Can be found: Starts after Isaac kills the Necromorphs that follow the Kellion's destruction.
Hammond: What the hell is happening down there?! What happened to the shuttle?
Kendra: That was our ride home...It's the only way off this ship...
Hammond: Kendra...
Kendra: No Hammond! This changes everything!
Hammond: Just let me think! Can you access the Command Computer?
Kendra: It's no good. There's an executive lockdown of all primary systems. Without the Captain's authorisation, I can't access them.
Hammond: Well? Where's the Captain?
Kendra: Here he is. Captain Benjamin Matthius. Location...Medlab. Status...Deceased.
Hammond: What? How?
Kendra: I can't access that information. Find the Captain and you'll find his RIG. With his authorisation codes, I can crack this computer wide open.
There is the sound of something moving around in a ventilation shaft above them.
Hammond: Dammit! Isaac, I'm sending the Tram back to your location. Get to the Medical Deck and find that RIG as fast as you can.
Kendra (looking around, startled at the noise above): What was that?
Crunching metal off to the right of the screen, followed by the cry of a Necromorph
Hammond: Holy Shit! Come on, get out of here!
They both run and a Leaper appears in view. The feed then cuts out.

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