Type: Video
Characters: Ellie Langford, Isaac Clarke, Nolan Stross
Chapter: 6
Can be found: Acquired when Isaac enters the elevator to the Transport Hub from Titan Elementary School

  • Ellie: Isaac, it's Ellie. I've found someone. Another survivor. He says he knows you.
  • Stross: Ah. Is-
  • Ellie: (To Stross) I said stand still.
  • Isaac: Ellie! Take it easy! His name is Stross. I know him.
  • Ellie: He looks twitchy. I don't trust him. (To Stross) Don't move!
  • Isaac: Ellie! I need him to be - not dead. I need him.
  • Ellie: Shit. Ok, Isaac. I'll march him to the hub but if he does anything stupid, ANYTHING. I will shoot him.

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