Type: Text
Characters: Private Myers
Chapter: 14
Can be found:


I did anything I could to get put on the mission, to go to this frozen wasteland so I could follow the Reapers. It was my chance to get them to notice and I wasn't going to let anyone stop me. After PVT Freeman went missing, I became the new "water boy". I scrubbed Reaper toilets, made Reaper beds and cleaned Reaper guns, admiring the notches carved into the stocks of each beautiful weapon.

I finally worked up the nerve to ask one of the Reapers if I could join their team. I was ruthless, I was determined, I was ready.

He laughed at me just like my drill sergeant back at boot camp. Then he said I could join if I cleaned the toilets for a week with my bare hands with no shower privileges in between. He said if I could do that, I'd have what it takes.

What could I do? It was my dream. And he promised. So I did.

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