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Type: Audio
Characters: Isaac Clarke, Daina Le Guin
Chapter: 2
Can be found: Acquired after defeating the Tripod

  • Isaac: Jesus that thing was angry. Daina? I'm out of the hospital.
  • Daina: Okay, the tram station is just beyond the apartment blocks.
  • Isaac: Hang on. I need more answers. How long have I been here?
  • Daina: Three years. Tiedemann found you floating in space near Aegis VII and brought you here for study.
  • Isaac: Why can't I remember anything?
  • Daina: The Marker you found imprinted your brain with a self-replicating signal. The longer you're awake, the more the signal spreads. It's killing you Isaac. Tiedemann tried to keep it in check with memory suppressants.
  • Isaac: You said you could fix it, right?
  • Daina: Only if you reach me in time. Tram Station. Get moving.

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