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Type: Audio
Characters: Kaleb, Ellie Langford
Chapter: 9
Can be found: Found in the left side of the room with the Stalkers and Guardian.

  • Kaleb: [apparently wounded] I'll leave this for who's left: our crew is chasing us. Our DEAD crew is chasing us. It's just me and Ellie right now. We're not gonna make it.
  • Ellie: No! Get up, Kaleb; it's just a few more meters!
  • Kaleb: [as Necromorphs are heard on the log] I hear them coming. Don't kill us both, Ellie, just…run. [beat] I'll save you; just go.
  • Ellie: [sobbing, voice growing fainter] No, Kaleb...! Kaleb!
  • Kaleb: This is Kaleb, from Shift 1. We lost.

[The listener can hear the Necromorphs getting closer as Kaleb sets a Line Gun mine, which explodes before the log ends.]

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