Type: Video
Characters: Hans Tiedemann, Isaac Clarke
Chapter: 13
Can be found: Given when you first see the Site 12 Marker.

  • Tiedemann: Clarke! I knew you were trouble from the start! But they told me you were necessary. That your mind was the purest. I spent years shifting through your demented brain! This is not the way it was supposed to happen!
  • Isaac: Well, how was it supposed to happen, Tiedemann? [note 1]
  • Tiedemann: We had it under control! Clarke, this is not our fault! We were so close to understanding it! What? It's all those bodies. All those bodies you let in here! It's triggering a Convergence event. But, we never... expected... this many bodies...


  1. Isaac's dialogue is not recorded in the Vidlog. Only Tiedemann's.

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