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Log:Care and Feeding of Feeders

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Wiki It has been suggested that this page be renamed to Care And Feeding Of Feeders. Please see the talk page for more details. The reason given was: No need for lowercase

Type: Audio
Characters: Sam Ackerman, Unknown S.C.A.F personel
Chapter: 9
Can be found:
Sam: Personal Log: Sam Ackerman. Three days I've been quiet, hiding in the dark. I have to get to the radio, call for help. I think there may be a way around them. By throwing small object, I can... I can... I can trick them into investigating the noise.

Infected S.C.A.F: Ackerman? Is that you?...

Sam: Oh god!

Infected S.C.A.F: I smell you... I smell...FRESH MEAT!

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