Type: text
Characters: Dr. Domuss, G.
Chapter: 2
Can be found:
MEDICAL LOG DR. DOMUSS, G. (MEDICAL EXAMINER) REPORT OF DEATH ON SHIP SUBJECT: CAPTAIN MATHIUS, B. It is my sad duty to officially pronounce Captain Benjamin Mathius dead.
Reports of the exact circumstances surrounding his death are conflicted, and beyond the scope of my role. I can only report on the body.
The subject was in generally good health for his age, though a cursory blood test indicates his leukocyte count was very low, with eosinophils in particular almost non-existent. His preflight physical exam showed no such problems, indicating rapid onset; however, it is unlikely this had any effect on his death.
Multiple contusions on the arms and hands, indicating a brief struggle pre-mortem. Slight contusions around the ribcage, suggesting hes chest was restrained in some way. Cause of death was a single prolonged trauma to the ocular body which continued on through the cavity wall, and finally into the frontal lobe, causing rapid neurotrauma, seizure and death.
The force required to puncture the ocular cavity in this manner is great, and the possibility of self-infliction correspondingly low.
I therefore have not alternative but to record a preliminary verdict of UNLAWFUL DEATH. Whether deliberate or accidental is beyond my jurisdiction.

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