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Log:Arranging Rendezvous

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Type: Video
Characters: Ellie Langford, Isaac Clarke
Chapter: 7
Can be found: Given after entering the CEC Facility.

  • Isaac: Ellie? Are you guys there? Did you make it?
  • Ellie: Shit, Isaac. Just... shit!
  • Isaac: Take it easy, it's okay --
  • Ellie: No, it's not! I was right here this morning with a crew of thirty people. But we were overrun, and before I knew it they were all transformed. I had to cut the arms and legs off my friends just to escape. I'm sure there's pieces of them still lying around here somewhere.
  • Isaac: Ellie... I know, I'm sorry.
  • Ellie: And here I am again. I just walked one big fucking circle today.
  • Isaac: We'll get through this. Let's figure out how to meet up.
  • Ellie: Right. There's a central Hub in the main facility. Here are the coordinates.

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