Type: Text
Chapter: 3
Can be found: Inside the entrance of Church of Unitology Recruitment Center next to a corpse.
Altman's Footsteps A publication for the followers of Michael Altman

We, the children of the Marker, grow tired of the oppressive, thinly-veiled attacks from EarthGov on our rights to worship as we please. Reduced hours of operation for the Church. Fire marshal restrictions on the size of revival events, permits needed to distribute literature. These are all poorly concealed attempts to quash the truth. OUR TRUTH. And they will not succeed. The blasphemous, short-sighted, reckless, destructive and hopeless path that EarthGov has us on is a dead end. One that only Unitology has the answer to. Altman has foreseen it, and we are blessed to execute it. Prepare yourselves brothers and sisters.
Convergence is nigh.

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