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Type: Text
Characters: Earl Serrano
Chapter: 17
Can be found: <insert location>

The signal projected by the Markers permeates everything and everyone. We are all affected differently. Some are driven to rage. Others suffer hallucinations. And still others fall into gibbering dementia.

But perhaps the most insidious effect it has is when we don’t realize it has taken hold of us. Indeed, we show no signs of madness. We believe we are following our natural compulsions. And in all likelihood, we will not realize this manipulation until our ill-conceived plans will come to fruition and it is too late to reverse our actions.

Am I justified in resisting the urge to turn off the Machine? Am I right in believing the Machine must be completed to stop the Markers? Or am I slave to the very forces that conspire to wipe out all life in this universe?

Only time will tell.

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