Type: Text
Characters: Alexei Obauchev
Chapter: 14
Can be found: <insert location>

I am first and foremost a scientist. It is our duty to be bold in our studies. It was, therefore, my decision to attempt a controlled thaw of an intact specimen.

While I'm sure many will miss his antics around camp, I remind my colleagues that it was PVT Freeman's decision to volunteer for the duty of handling the specimen while we stood in the protective safety of the control booth.

I'm sure we were all surprised when the ancient tissue showed twinges of life once freed from its icy encasement. And no one was more surprised than the poor Private when a previously unseen appendage snaked forth from the thawed carcass and into his chest cavity.

It may have been PVT Freeman's end but I'm sure he would have been happy knowing science had taken a bold step forward that day.

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