Type: Video
Characters: Zach Hammond, Kendra Daniels
Chapter: 1
Can be found: After activating the Tram in chapter one
Hammond: Alright, we're onboard and heading to the Bridge. Good work.
Kendra: Strange...the quarantine just lifted...
Hammond: Whatever was in the flight lounge must have left. That's lucky for us. Isaac, get back to the Kellion and prep it for launch. We'll find out what we can from the Bridge and meet you there.
Kendra: If we live that long. You're out of your league, Hammond. This is suicide! We're going to die out here.
Hammond: Your lack of confidence in me is duly noted, Ms Daniels, but I have a mission to complete and that's exactly what I am going to do. With or without you. Do we understand each other?
Kendra: Just get us out of here alive.

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