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Log:A Desperate Plan

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Type: Video
Characters: Ellie Langford, Isaac Clarke
Chapter: 6
Can be found: Acquired once Isaac enters the Transport Hub after the fight with the Brute

  • Ellie: Why did Tiedemann turn off power? What did you do to piss him off so much?
  • Isaac: Ellie... Do you know what a Marker is?
  • Ellie: Yeah, the Unitologists on my crew wouldn't shut up about it. Why? Is it real?
  • Isaac: Yes it's real. Tiedemann made one using codes, patterns stored in our heads... mine and Stross. Everything that's happening on this station is happening because of that Marker. I have to get to it and destroy it and I need Stross to tell me how.
  • Ellie: You're a strange man, Isaac.
  • Isaac: Will you help me?
  • Ellie: We're about to suffocate. So. I think I'd better.
  • Isaac: Ok good, listen we need power. Without it we have no air and no train. The Sprawl's gotta have back-up batteries somewhere.
  • Ellie: Yes, the solar arrays up there! But they've been mothballed for years.
  • Isaac: Ok... alright, good. I'm heading there now. If I can start them up and get some power to the train.
  • Ellie: You'll need someone to open the collector panels. I can do that.
  • Isaac: Take Stross. Keep him safe.

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