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Shooting them in the body didn't seem to work. Go for the limbs, dismember them. That should do the job.
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The following is a list of achievements available for Dead Space (mobile). They are used to unlock the in-game wallpapers.

  • Call me Vandal- Escape Government Sector
  • Consequences- Survive the Titan Mines
  • Down the Tubes- Navigate Water Processing
  • Food for thought- Fight through the Food Processing Plant
  • Fool me twice- Return to the Titan Shard
  • Redemption- Complete the game
  • Epic Tier 3 Engineer- Beat the game on hard
  • Dressed to kill- fully upgrade your suit
  • Finders keepers- find every weapon
  • Maxed out- upgrade all your equipment and weapons
  • Armstrong- hit 50 targets with kinesis
  • Amputator- dismember 20 limbs
  • Surgeon- dismember 250 limbs
  • Butcher- dismember 500 limbs
  • Stay Frosty- use Stasis on 10 enemies
  • Take your time- use stasis on 30 enemies
  • Freeze- use Stasis on 50 enemies
  • Big Spender- spend 100,000 credits at the Store
  • There's Always Peng!- find the Peng Treasure
  • Double tap- dismember two limbs with one shot
  • Triple Play- dismember three limbs with one shot
  • Didn't have a chance- dismember 4 limbs with a single shot
  • Double kill!- kill 2 Necromorphs with a single shot
  • Stomping good time- stomp kill 50 enemies
  • Not so fast- kill a Swarm before any jump on you
  • Be efficient- Server an Exploder's pustule and use it to kill a Necromorph
  • Kaboom- kill a Necromorph with an explosive canister
  • Don't harm the baby- kill a pregnant without bursting their sac
  • It's a boy!- burst a Pregnant's stomach
  • Brutal- kill a Brute using only the Plasma Saw
  • Off with his head!- Decapitate a Slasher
  • Groovy- kill 30 enemies with the Plasma Saw
  • Tool time- kill 30 enemies with the Plasma Cutter
  • A cut above- kill 30 enemies with the Ripper
  • Hardcorer- kill 30 enemies with the Corer
  • Eviscerator- kill 30 enemies with the Line Gun
  • Stop, Hammer Time!- kill a Necromorph using Stasis and the Plasma Saw
  • Up close and personal- dismember 50 limbs while being grappled by Necromorphs.
  • One gun- beat the game using only the Plasma Cutter, Plasma Saw, Stomp, Stasis and Kinesis
  • Speed run- beat the game in 2 hours

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