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Lexine Murdoch Weller was an Irish grade two surveyor who lived on the Aegis VII colony. Lexine was one of the few known survivors of the Second Aegis VII incident and subsequent Necromorph outbreaks on the Ishimura and Titan Space Station.


CEC careerEdit

Lexine lived with her father, an extraction engineer on the Aegis VII colony. A grade two surveyor, she entered a relationship with engineer Sam Caldwell some time before he was called to excavate the Red Marker.

The Second Aegis VII IncidentEdit

Lexine contacts Sam Caldwell via RIG transmission, moments before Caldwell’s team head to the extraction point to remove the Red Marker, excited about a surprise she planned for Sam that night. She reveals one of her friends, Leon, is a Unitologist. During massacre in the Megavents, she contacts him again during the hallucination of his friend, Eagan. She tells Sam that some sectors of the colony are losing life support and that several Unitologists committed suicide in Union Square while her friend Leon was present. Before he dies, Sam successfully reactivates life supports systems and hears Lexine's voice repeatedly calling to him during his hallucinations. She is his only concern even as he lies dying from a gunshot wound.

Days after the incident in the Megavent, Aegis VII continued to experience mass murders and cases of insanity, all of which culminated in the emergence of the Necromorphs. During the chaos, Lexine's father goes missing and she hides inside the P-Sec building. She is later found by Detective Nathan McNeill and P.C.S.I. Sec officer, Gabe Weller. After Nathan and Weller kill the Necromorphs inside the office, Weller suggests that she go home and barricade herself inside until the all clear is given. Nathan recognizes her as Caldwell's girlfriend and decides to bring her along despite Weller's reservations. Outside the P-Sec office, Lexine feels she’s being watched to which Weller assumes they are and warns the group to stay sharp. The three witness an Infector resurrect a corpse, transforming it into a Slasher and realize the monsters attacking them were once human.

The group travel to shuttle bay in Mission Square where Weller's team, Baines and Hutchins, wait for them and see two civilian shuttles taking off. The shuttles crash not moments after lifting off, destroying the remaining ships in the bay and killing all those on board. They find a survivor in the rubble, a man named Warren Eckhardt, a crewman from Ishimura. He tells them there's a surveyor shuttle waiting in the maintenance bay in sector eight. In order to reach the shuttle, Lexine and the others head down into the Megavents.

They encounter another survivor who's hidden himself from the Necromorphs roaming the area. He accompanies them through the underground passageway, baffled by the development of the strange flesh-like substance spreading throughout the Megavent. Lexine discovers an audio log from a surveyor named Amanda Castle, who suspects the Marker may be the result of the madness that befell the colony. Lexine and Eckhardt notes that despite the widespread dementia that affected the colonists, none of them were experiencing the symptoms described. Later, they encounter Flyers and Lexine is attacked by a tentacle that emerges from the vent above them. Nathan is forced to kill the survivor they just met in order to save her from certain death.

Lexine and the others eventually escape the Megavent by traveling through the ventilation system. Upon reaching the surface, the Hive mind emerges and kills Baines and Hutchins as several Slashers converge to attack the group. Nathan hacks the shuttle and they escape the planet as the Hive Mind reemerges for a final attack.

Incident on the USG IshimuraEdit

"Thank you, for not leaving me. ...You're not like Weller."
—Lexine Murdoch[1]Upon approach, they hail the Ishimura for landing clearance only to be denied permission. Weller and Eckhardt take evasive maneuvers to evade the Ishimura's cannon fire and crash land on the hull of the ship. With the Vestri damaged, Lexine and the others suit up and brave the perilous terrain of debris filled space around the sixty year old ship. They successfully manage to reach the maintenance airlock, however, Eckhardt is unable to breech the lock and wrongly assumes Lexine is a waitress when Nathan suggests she try and open it. Lexine corrects the doctor, stating she is a grade two surveyor. Nathan manages to hack the airlock open. It ruptures and the force of the blast knocks Lexine off the platform to spiral out into space. Nathan rescues her with the use of his Kinesis; dazed from the blow, she thanks him for looking out for her.

Exploring the seemingly deserted ship they discover the Necromorphs have managed to board and encounter yet another survivor hiding from the creatures. Not unlike the incident inside the Megavent, they lose the survivor when a Necromorph attacks from above, dragging him into the vents and are repeatedly attacked by the Necromorph until they escape into the elevator that will bring them closer to the bridge. On the way, Lexine begins to feel ill and suffers a nosebleed; Eckhardt asks to give Lexine a moment to recover, but Weller reminds them they’ve no time and that she “man up”. Fighting their way through another wave of Necromorphs, the team is later discovered by other P.C.S.I. officers who subdue them and take them to the quarantine wing.

During the quarantine, Doctor Nicole Brennan examines Lexine and takes note that she has "very high blood pressure” and “brain activity that's off of the charts";[2] Nathan spies a nude Lexine for a moment before he’s distracted by Nicole releasing him from his tube. Eckhardt is the next to be freed; Nicole gives them the all clear, stating that none of them have the “infection” that currently plagues the ship. Lexine notices Eckhart studying her medical records and asks if he needs help. Eckhardt dismisses her concerns and collapses from dizziness, Nicole’s efforts to open Weller’s tube are halted by a quarantine lockdown of the system. Nathan volunteers to enter the vents to override the lockdown while Eckhardt prods Nicole for any further information on Lexine’s condition. Nicole assures the doctor that Lexine is in the clear, a statement that Lexine herself supports, citing that her headache isn’t bothering her anymore.

Nathan successfully manages to override the quarantine lockdown, everyone regroups in the morgue not moments after he dispatches an Infector and its newly created Necromorphs. They discover the body of Captain Benjamin Matthius and decide to head into the ER. There they meet a fellow co-worker of Nicole who keeps watch over the crew members who were among those injured in the fights occurring all over the ship. They are attacked by another group of Necromorphs that force them take refuge inside a security station where the other P.C.S.I. security officers work to unlock the door leading to the tram station.

Lexine refuses be left behind when Weller and McNeil offer to help the security team responding an emergency call in engineering. Reaching the tram platform, they’re informed that service has been shut down for the time being. Weller suggests that they hoof it through the tram tunnels despite the dangers of being attacked in the dark. Traveling through the tunnels, Eckhardt and Nathan get into argument about the coincidence of the Marker’s extraction and its connection to the outbreak on Aegis VII.

Their distraction leads them to stand on to a weak ventilation cover, it collapses beneath all four them and they’re sent tumbling into the sewer systems. After being attacked by a Grabber, Eckhardt suggests the creatures are adapting to their environment and Lexine starts to complain about another headache. She reminisces briefly over wanting to visit the Ishimura as a child and reveals she was born on Earth when Eckhardt asks where her birthplace was. She also experiences the feeling of being watched again as they discover a ladder that takes them to higher ground. Lexine is attacked by a group of Swarmers that drop down onto her from the overhead pipes. She is dragged down underneath the water and presumed dead by her friends.

Not long after being separated, Lexine is discovered by Catherine Howell, a doctor who works on the Hydroponics deck of the ship. Howell leads her to a medical room where she works up a concoction for Lexine’s nausea and headaches. Temporarily cured of her illness, Lexine explains that she and several others came from the colony to the Ishimura for refuge, but got separated in the sewers. Doctor Howell realizes the three men she saw below Hydroponics are Lexine’s friends.

While Howell thinks they’re dead, Lexine refuses to believe it, confident in Nathan’s abilities to keep them alive. She asks to be taken back down the sewers to find them, a request Howell reluctantly obliges. The two encounter a Brute, who tosses Lexine aside when it attempts kill Howell. Howell defeats the Brute and conveniences Lexine to accompany her to the shuttle bay. On the way, Howell continues to protect Lexine from harm as they move through the Hydroponic deck. Eventually, Lexine is reunited with Nathan and the others. Lexine, Nathan and Weller opt to go ahead to the tram station to secure a transport while Eckhardt remained behind to protect Howell as she locked down the sewers.

Not long after they depart, Eckhardt reaches the tram section without Howell and Lexine prevents Nathan from shooting him. Weller demands to know what happened to Howell, Eckhardt tells them that Howell locked herself inside the room with the creatures while he escaped, saying there was nothing he could do to stop her. Necromorphs appear at the end of the hall, the survivors enter the tram before they can be harmed. Convinced their chances of finding a way off the Ishimura are better separated, Lexine and Nathan head to the flight deck in search for a ship while Eckhardt and Weller search the maintenance bay. Lexine and Nathan are unsuccessful in their search so they head for bay 47 after Weller announces he fond a functional shuttle to escape in.[3]

In her absence, Weller discovers Eckhardt is a Unitologist “Overseer” reporting the Aegis VII and Ishimura incidents to unknown person named “Enigma Lange”. Eckhardt reveals to Weller that Lexine’s apparent immunity to the effects of the Marker make her a person of interest for the church of Unitology. He further admits that it is his intention to bring Lexine to the church, but that she could never know of her true purpose as she would not understand it. He assures Weller that it is for the good of humanity. Eckhart is attacked and killed by a Leaper before he can reveal anything further.

On the tram, Lexine continues to mourn the loss of Doctor Howell, wishing she could save more than just their group. Off the tram, Nathan searches the ship for the exact location of bay 47, knowing Weller expected them “fifteen minutes ago”. Lexine thinks Nathan cares about Weller “more than he deserves” to which he replies his relationship with Weller is “complicated”.[4] During the search Lexine and Nathan access an ongoing transmission from Nicole from the medical wing; as the video is one way, the two are unable to prevent her suicide and watch her die. Distraught, Lexine believes her very presence is a curse to all those around her, holding herself responsible for the deaths of Howell, Nicole, Sam and her father.

They arrive at bay 47 to a seemingly deserted environment, during the search, Lexine finds Eckhardt dead and Weller unconscious in the coms room and alerts Nathan immediately. Weller explains that Eckhardt was responsible for Howell's death and shot him. Weller suspects Eckhardt went crazy like everyone else. Before they can leave they have to shut down the ADS canon. With Weller hurt, Nathan is the only one who can reach the Captain’s Nest to shut down the canon. Lexine remains behind with Weller to treat his wounds and prep the shuttle for launch. Weller regains consciousness after she manages to find a syringe full of painkiller to help him, she tells him that Nathan reported he was heading back to them, but is concerned as the message was “a while ago”. Lexine tries several times to hail Nathan to no avail. In a fit of frustration she throws her communicator against the wall and decides they have to leave. The two proceed to defend the shuttle from the onslaught Necromorphs converging in their area. During a lull, Lexine leaves Weller to defend the shuttle while she starts the engines despite her inability to actually fly a ship.

They hold off long enough for Nathan reach them, Lexine is alarmed by the sight of Nathan’s severed hand, but helps him get the ship moving and away from the Ishimura. As their shuttle escapes the Ishimura, they intercept a transmission from the USG Kellion which is responding from a distress call. Lexine futilely cries out for them to turn back.[note 1] The transmission does not get through due to the debris field from the planet crack.

Their terrifying experience culminated in Nathan succumbing to his wounds and transforming into a Necromorph. Upon attacking Lexine in the cockpit of the shuttle, Lexine grabs a pistol just as the McNeil-Slasher is about to reach her and kills it. Lexine and Weller are the only apparent survivors of either Aegis VII and Ishimura incident and successfully made it to Titan Station.[note 2]

Living on the SprawlEdit


After successfully surviving the Aegis VII and Ishimura incidents, Lexine and Gabe became the permanent residents of the Sprawl. Both incidents are publicly labeled as a “terrorist attack” conducted by Doctor Isabel Cho.[5] Lexine and Gabe remained silent about their status as the survivors and witnesses of the Necromorph infection. Curious about the effects of their adventure and aware of Lexine's immunity, EarthGov and the Unitologists began to monitor them. Both organizations maintained their distance to avoid drawing the suspicions of the survivors and the project known as the “Project Oracle” continued.

The project apparently relied on Lexine’s ability to reproduce. If she was successful, capturing Lexine and her child to study the Marker’s effects on the child if her immunity was passed on to them was a high priority. At some point, Lexine and Gabe are married and during the next three years, both lived on the Sprawl without incident. Lexine presumably maintained her position as a surveyor while Gabe would work for the Titan Station Security Force. It was not until later that they both decided that it was time to conceive a child.

The Sprawl InfestationEdit

"This isn't happening. This can't be happening!"
—Lexine Weller[6]When the outbreak on the Sprawl occurred, Lexine was contacted by Gabe in the Mines during a fertility session at the Titan Memorial Medical Center. As she received the results of her test, Gabe warned her about the Necromorphs that are returning and urged her to reach their shuttle.

Lexine lost her connection with Gabe as the quarantine in the hospital began, frightened by the escalation of the events around her. As Gabe traveled through the Mines, Lexine reported that she was unable to breach the panicked crowd to get to their shuttle and lost contact with Gabe a second time when she was knocked around by the crowd. Gabe contacted Lexine again and inquired about the presence of soldiers. Lexine informed him that she could not see anything through the crowd. He warned her to watch out for Victor Bartlett and the Sprawl security as they meant to kill her on orders from Hans Tiedemann. He told her to hide and Lexine fled to the Psych Ward.

As both Gabe and Victor raced to reach Lexine first, she warned Gabe about "strange looking men dressed in white" scavenging the hospital and possibly attempting to find her. Lexine contacted Gabe a second and final time, unaware that their RIG conversations are being tracked by Victor. She warned him that the men in white are almost upon her, allowing Victor to lock on to her exact location. As Gabe managed to reach her location, Victor revealed that EarthGov long since was aware about Lexine’s immunity to the Marker and wanted Gabe to conceive a child with her for analytical purposes. Lexine was made as Victor’s temporary hostage when he reached her first.

Before Victor can kill Lexine, the two men in white intervened. Victor used Lexine as a human shield against the two, demanding that they should back down as he was simply following orders. The two said that they are also following orders to retrieve Lexine just as he did. They used an unknown device on Victor that rendered him unconscious. Lexine was apprehended by the men. She called for Gabe's help. Aware of his identity, the men fled with Lexine to escape alive from the "Servants".

Lexine was taken away to the hospital shuttle bay. The men in white are attacked by two Infectors. She retreated inside the shuttle as Gabe arrived and the men are transformed into Twitchers. He killed them and ordered a relieved Lexine to get the shuttle ready for takeoff. The hospital bulkheads automatically locked down. Gabe successfully overrode the stand-alone fuse relay and warned Lexine to remain inside the ship as she did not have a suit for the oncoming vacuum. At the last second, Victor arrived and armed with a live grenade. Gabe retaliated, knocking Victor to the ground before the grenade detonated. The blast killed Victor and severed Gabe’s leg in the process. Lexine was unable to help her husband as he fought off the horde of Necromorphs and destroyed the final failsafe on the bulkhead doors. Lexine’s ship launched and escaped the station. She cried out for Gabe who collapsed after the bulkhead doors are opened. Her current status in an EarthGov file was “Missing”.[6] Like Isaac Clarke, she was now a target of EarthGov with an immediate termination order if she was found.

Spoilers end here.


Lexine exhibited a strong will which she often used to keep McNeill, Eckhardt and Weller from arguing with each other over what to do next, though she hardly ever presented a course of action on her own. She was quick to grow close to Nate and exhibited genuine concern for him. Weller was the first to assume that the two had feelings for each other, teasingly calling them "lovebirds".[3] Though Lexine remained optimistic throughout most of her journey with the others from Aegis VII to the Ishimura, her hope was quickly dwindled down when the more people that she encountered are killed by the Necromorphs. She remained resolute in their hopes of escape and even aided Nathan and Weller in battle on more than a few occasions despite her apparent lack of experience with a weapon.

Though her relationship with Weller was coarse and worked merely on a cooperative basis, the two eventually warmed up to each other, particularly during their final moments on the Ishimura when she tended to him and they defended the final carrier off the ship. In Severed, as a couple, Lexine exhibited absolute trust and respect in Weller which was something that she believed that he did not deserve before.


  • Lexine Murdoch, voiced by Laura Pyper had a distinctive (Northern) Irish accent.
  • In the beginning of Chapter 2: Another Day at the Office, her name is misspelled "Lexine Murdock".
  • Lexine's immunity to the Marker apparently gave protection to other people who are in close physical proximity to her, preventing them from turning insane. The fact that Weller, McNeill and Eckhardt all began to experience visual and auditory hallucinations (As well as becoming slightly hostile to each other) within just a few minutes of becoming separated from her seemed to support this notion.
  • There was a part of the game seen through McNeill's point of view in the Medical Bay where Nicole was examining Lexine. During the entire examination, Lexine was completely naked. Weller, McNeill and Eckhardt are examined earlier and are already clothed.
  • At the end of Dead Space: Extraction, Lexine was heading to the Sprawl where Dead Space 2 took place (Three years later).
  • In Dead Space 2: Severed DLC, it was revealed that she was the spouse of Gabe Weller and pregnant with their child.
  • She was one of the four known survivors of the Titan Station incident with the others being Isaac Clarke, Ellie Langford and Tyler Radikov.
  • Lexine was one of the only two people known that they survived the events on Aegis VII as well as those on Titan Station. The other being was Isaac Clarke.
  • It was hinted in Severed that she was left alone after the Aegis VII incident so she could become pregnant. The Oracles tried to abduct her and her unborn child after the outbreak on the Sprawl began, but she managed to escape due to Gabe Weller's sacrifice.
  • Eckhardt seemed to be fascinated about Lexine being born on Earth because of her immunity to the influence of the Markers. This might indicate that Lexine's abilities to block the Marker signal from herself and others had something to do with the Black Marker, the first and only true alien Marker to be discovered on Earth.
  • Just like Isaac, Lexine was the subject of an EarthGov conspiracy concerning her very unique relationship with the Markers. She was immune to their effects while Isaac can build and destroy the Markers with the data in his brain.
  • Victor revealed information to Gabe that Lexine was part of the Oracle Program.
  • After marrying Gabe sometime between Extraction and Severed, Lexine changed her surname from Murdoch to Weller.
  • Lexine's RIG number was 784283 as it was stated by Gabe in the beginning of Severed.
  • Despite the fact that she survived two Necromorph outbreaks and being a key character in the overall story, she had yet to meet the series main protagonist: Isaac Clarke.



  1. It is possible that Lexine's message is the garbled message the Kellion receives after attempting to hail the USG Ishimura. This, however, is pure speculation.
  2. The in-game footage is unclear, as the last scene of Extraction simply depicts a Necromorph attacking a lone Lexine. However, Dead Space Executive Producer Steve Papoutsis clarified McNeill's fate while answering some fan questions. In addition, there is no mention of McNeil whatsoever in the Severed DLC.


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