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Kyne's Hostage

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Type: Audio
Characters: Terrence Kyne
Chapter: 7
Can be found:

  • Unknown man: Dr. Kyne! What the hell are you... Aaah!
  • Dr. Terrence Kyne: Get back! Come any closer and... and I'll shoot him! Give me the access codes to the cargo bay!
  • Unknown man: You... idiot! This is... processing! Why the hell... would I have codes... to cargo?
  • Dr. Terrence Kyne: Don't lie to me! I'm sick of everyone lying to me! It is imperative that I get the marker! Give me those codes!
  • Unknown man: I don't... have them! Is this... what you did... to the captain? Go on... shoot me if you've got... the balls!
  • Dr. Terrence Kyne: IDIOTS! It's the only way to stop it... The only way to end this!
  • Unknown man: He's completely lost it... Somebody call security!

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