Shooting them in the body didn't seem to work. Go for the limbs, dismember them. That should do the job.
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Krax worked alongside Craig Markoff and appeared in Dead Space: Martyr. He is described as being as tall as Markoff, but thicker, with a brutal, flat face. Krax was shown to be a violent man as well as a war veteran which would help explain this nature. He often turns to violence instead of negotiating, as shown in multiple cases, one of these being when a group of scientists were gathered around the Marker. He doesn't seem to have much compassion for human life and is a liar, shown by him telling Michael that Ada killed herself when in fact he killed her himself. He is killed by Markoff or one of his men when Markoff thought him no longer needed and to be "very expendable."


  • Krax was part of the Necromorph (most likely a Brute) that kills Altman in the end of Dead Space: Martyr. The creature was named, quite fittingly, "The Krax."
  • The beginning of Martyr (text in italics before Chapter One) is most likely a sequel to the Epilogue, as it talks about a fight in a circular area. The creature is told to be charging at him and his only weapon is a knife, which is most likely the spoon he sharpened.

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