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"It's calling us to death... and beyond."

Karklins was a Security Private aboard the USG Ishimura.


The Second Aegis 7 IncidentEdit

Karklins, a recent addition to Gabe Weller's security team, was assigned to retrieve the bodies of the Union Square suicide victims from the Aegis VII Colony alongside Weller, Baines and Hutchins. P-Sec detective, Nathan McNeill jokes his status as "the rookie" is why he was given the assignment. Karlins says he was brought along because Weller wouldn't handle dead bodies.

They arrive at the morgue to find the bodies missing. During the search, Karklins discovers the toe tag of a man named "D. Abbot", McNeil identifies him as the one who lead the suicide. Karklins becomes extremely nervous after helping Nathan McNeill and Weller kill a crazed doctor in the colony morgue. During the colony blackout he began experiencing symptoms of dementia, such as mumbling to himself and hearing voices calling to him. He manages to briefly overcome his symptoms and fight his way out of the building with Weller. When he and Weller meet McNiell again in front of P-Sec headquarters, Karklins is ranting, speaking nonsense to himself.

Weary of his behavior, McNiell suggests Weller take his private's weapon. Weller doesn't take McNeil's warning seriously and Karklins sucker punches him and proceeds to attack McNiell. Despite having the advantage of surprise in the beginning of the fight, he was overpowered by McNiell who kills him with Sam Caldwell's Rivet Gun.


  • Karklins is significantly harder to kill than a normal crazed colonist due to his body armor.
  • Even if his body is dismembered by the player, it will be whole when exiting P-Sec HQ.
  • Karklins was most likely turned into a Necromorph and he can even become one in-game during Chapter 2, if the player does not kill the Infector outside of P-Sec HQ in time.



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