Biographical information

Date of death:

2508[note 1]

Physical information



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Notable facts:

First member of the Kellion crew to be killed in combat.



"What the hell?"
—Johnston's last words

Corporal Johnston was the co-pilot of the USG Kellion. Like Corporal Chen, Johnston was also under the command of Zach Hammond. Johnston was the first crew member of the USG Kellion to be killed by a Necromorph. A Slasher sneaks up from behind and decapitates him. His primary weapon was a SWS Motorized Pulse Rifle, but Johnston never had the chance to effectively use the weapon.

By the time Isaac Clarke returned to the Flight Lounge to prep the Kellion for launch, Johnston's (along with Chen's) corpse had already vanished, which may suggest that he was transformed into a Necromorph, or that the body was moved elsewhere (as it has no head to infect).



  1. Dead Space takes place three years before the events of Dead Space 2.

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