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Jessica Li
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"Look, I know this is all a little weird, but Okeke's right. I'm not giving up payday just because you're freaked out."
—Jessica Li [1]

Jessica Li was a Magpie, one of the freelance miners who operated outside the law.[2] Li captained the Hunter's Moon, and acted as the effective leader of several Magpie crews. While illegally operating in the Aegis system, Li's group of Magpies stumbled across the drifting USG Ishimura, some time after the incident near Aegis VII took place. While investigating the wrecked planet cracker, Li and most of the Magpies were killed by Necromorphs.


Prior to working as a Magpie, Jessica Li is known to have been a member of the Marines. She left the service voluntarily following an embezzlement scandal of unknown nature took place.[2]



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