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Shooting them in the body didn't seem to work. Go for the limbs, dismember them. That should do the job.
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Javelin gun

Reloading the Javelin gun.

Javelin Spears are the ammunition used in the Javelin Gun weapon featured in Dead Space 2. They are inexpensive and common around Titan Station.


The Spears are made from titanium. They have the ability to easily pin an enemy to a wall, and can emit an electric charge as the Javelin Gun's secondary attack, which will damage any enemies nearby, although this inexplicably uses one spear when activated. When upgraded, the spear will also explode at the end of the discharge. It is unknown how Tiedemann got a Javelin Gun at the end of Dead Space 2.


  • Activating the Javelin Gun's alt fire will inexplicably drain one ammo to somehow fuel the electric charge.
  • This is the cheapest ammunition available to Isaac.
  • This ammunition glows orange with two blue spots.


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