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"This is Temple. The bridge is fucked. I don't know what went on in there, but I'm not sticking around in case whatever did it comes back. I'm heading for Hydroponics, to find Elizabeth."
—Jacob, in the audio log Temple on the Bridge[1]

Jacob Temple was an engineer who worked aboard the USG Ishimura. He is mentioned as Acting Chief Engineer Temple in various audio logs. His logs chronicle his journey throughout the disaster aboard the ship.


The Second Aegis VII IncidentEdit

During the early stages of the Necromorph outbreak, Jacob and his engineering crew were trying to maintain the Ishimura's engine room.[2] However, as time passed by and the infection spread, members of his crew started showing signs of dementia.[3] After realizing the danger, Jacob abandoned his position on the Engineering Deck and searched for his girlfriend, Elizabeth Cross.[4][5] Jacob frequently left audio logs of his journey that Isaac Clarke finds throughout the ship. He eventually reunites with Elizabeth and the two attempt to escape the vessel together.[6]


Their reunion was cut short when they were intercepted by Challus Mercer.[7] The two were gagged and Elizabeth was killed after Mercer rammed a metal spike into her head, a process used by Unitologists in preparation of the Necromorph transformation. Temple was killed shortly afterwards by the same method in front of Isaac Clarke, who could only stand by and watch.


Jacob Temple's death00:51

Jacob Temple's death.

Jacob Temple meets his fate at Challus Mercer's hands.

  • Temple is only seen alive in one chapter. All other "encounters" consist of collecting his audio logs.
  • Jacob Temple's journey, as experienced through his audio logs, resembles Isaac Clarke's in a number of ways. He seems to travel roughly the same path as Isaac, often attempting to fix the very problems Isaac eventually fixes. He is also seeking his girlfriend, Elizabeth Cross, and according to audio logs - has reunited with her on the Mining Deck, the same deck on which Isaac sees Nicole again. In fact, it could be that Isaac is only about a chapter or two behind Jacob Temple's journey after the Necromorph infestation.
  • It is impossible to save Temple. The door to the room where he is being held remains in "standby" mode until Mercer exits the room, after killing Temple.



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