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Type: Audio
Characters: First Comms Operator Bailey
Chapter: 8
Can be found: Outside door to Communication's Tram

  • First Comms Operator Bailey: Communications log, First Comms Operator Bailey reporting. The ship is under attack, but requests to issue a distress call have been repeatedly denied by Captain Mathius. He won't say it, but everyone on the bridge knows why--this is an illegal operation in a prohibited system. We've all known for months, and we kept out mouths shut. Not anymore.

(Sounds of typing and electric whirring)

  • First Comms Operator Bailey: Mayday, mayday, mayday! This is USG Ishimura, this is---what the hell?

(More typing and strange beeping)

  • First Comms Operator Bailey: I don't believe this! The whole comms system is offline! Now he's gone too far... Bailey out.

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