Hydroponics Deck

USG Ishimura

  • Growing Food
  • Replenish Oxygen
Point(s) of Interest:
  • Food Storage
  • Grow Chambers

The Hydroponics Deck was the USG Ishimura's internal farm which produced the food needed to feed the many workers aboard the ship as well as providing a sustainable production of oxygen. It was typically maintained by horticulturalists such as Elizabeth Cross who monitored the production levels of the food. This Deck came under trouble when the Leviathan grew into Food Storage and began polluting the air.

A massive area, it spanned the entire top portion of the Ishimura's two cargo towers and was divided into 2 primary sections: The multi-level Vegetation Grow Chambers and the centrally located cylindrical Food Storage chamber. Directly before Food Storage was the air quality control and ventilation system. The station in this area featured a large Hologram screen and controls that indicated air production, ventilation and filtration systems.

Tram StationEdit

Sapling RoomEdit

This was where Isaac encountered Hammond who appeared weak from breathing in the toxic air. He told Isaac not to take off his helmet. 

Atmosphere ControlEdit

West TowerEdit

West Grow ChamberEdit

Inner Greenhouse AEdit

A relatively small room attached to the West Grow Chamber. The air here was poisonous until the Wheezer inside it was killed.

Inner Greenhouse BEdit

A room similar to Inner Greenhouse A. The air inside was poisonous as the room contained another Wheezer.

Feeding SystemEdit

A machine which could be activated by Isaac via a holographic control panel. Doing so replaced the Grow Chamber's feed, although this served no direct purpose in gameplay. If Isaac checked this unit carefully before activating it, he could find a Large Med Pack to retrieve with Kinesis. He would be able to extract the pack through the small opening near the loading mechanism.

Hydroponics ControlEdit

This area contained a small room that was accessible from the second floor of the West Grow Chamber. It too contained poisonous air due to a Wheezer nestling itself in the area. Outside the Hydroponics control door was a roof to the left. There are two hidden credit chips which was one directly on the roof and one further back in the plants.

Refrigeration WestEdit

The largest section of the West Grow Chamber, even larger than the main chamber itself. This area consisted of an entry chamber, followed by a dimly lit corridor which led to a series of Zero-G chambers containing two Wheezers.

Air Filtration RoomEdit

The Air filtration area consisted of a large, dark room containing three large tubes. The interiors would periodically be ignited as part of the filtration process. There was no space between the tubes and they must be passed through to reach the other side of the chamber. The opposite end of the chamber contained a Wheezer, though the air was only poisonous in a moderately-sized area around it.

East TowerEdit

East Grow ChamberEdit

Inner Greenhouse AEdit

Inner Greenhouse BEdit

Feeding SystemEdit

Refrigeration EastEdit

Primary Food StorageEdit


  • Hydroponics was a subset of hydroculture and was a method that consisted of growing plants without soil in water.
  • During Isaac's visit to the Hydroponics Deck, the West Grow Chamber seemed to still be in a functional, healthy state despite the infestation of the Necromorphs. The East Grow Chamber, however became completely soiled and rotted beyond use.
  • An ambience of crickets, monkeys and wildlife sounds could be heard throughout the West Grow Chamber. It was likely that these are likely just simulations. It could also be noted that unique battling music could be also heard when fighting the Necromorphs in this area.
  • This was where Chapter 6: Environmental Hazard of Dead Space took place.
  • At least two Hydroponics specialists are known: Elizabeth Cross and Catherine Howell.
  • The Corruption spreaded very far into this part of the ship since it was home to the Leviathan. It apparently ruined the Ishimura's entire food supply.
  • The Grow Chamber shown in Dead Space: Downfall was larger and held many more plants than the West Grow Chamber in-game. This could mean that it was a different Grow Chamber as it was unlikely that only two Grow Chambers could feed and give air to the entire ship.
  • This was the only place on the Ishimura where you could encounter the Wheezers.