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Member of Weller's squad from the Ishimura; considered by Weller to be one of his best.


C.E.C., P.C.S.I. Sec


Hutchins was a member of Gabe Weller's squad aboard the USG Ishimura, and was one of three members of the team Weller chose to bring to the Aegis VII colony to retrieve the bodies from the Union Square suicides. Hutchins, along with Baines, were considered by Weller to be his best.

After the planet crack and the resulting Necromorph infestation of the colony, Baines and Hutchins were sent to secure Weller's shuttle and prepare it for Weller and Nathan McNeill's arrival. However, before McNeill and Weller reached the ship, one of the shuttles leaving the planet crashed back into the ground, completely obliterating the space port. Despite the destruction of their ship, Baines and Hutchins had managed to survive. They contacted Weller, who then directed them to the Vestri so they could meet up with him and escape the planet. While the two were able to reach the Vestri around the same time as Weller, both Hutchins and Baines were killed by one of the Hive Mind's tentacles when it burst forth from the ground.


  • Baines and Hutchins are never seen separate from one another, from the time McNeil first meets them up until their demise.
  • Hutchin's death was never actually seen onscreen. Her last appearance involves her being knocked away by a Hivemind tentacle. She is not seen nor heard from again afterwards.
  • Hutchins accent suggests that she is of Russian or Ukrainian ancestry.


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