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Howard Philips was a citizen living on Titan Station. He left various messages throughout Chapter 7. Isaac eventually found his corpse and used it to access restricted areas.

From logs left behind by Philips, it appeared that the AI for the solar collector facility where he worked was either corrupted or went rogue and would not permit him to leave.[1]

Phillips was seemingly trapped in the Solar Array as he logged 23 separate transfer requests which ANTI subsequently deleted.[2] He may have been locked in or he might have left under his own power. He seemed to be a bird enthusiast as he requested ANTI to authorize his bird collection to be brought in which startled Isaac when they flew out as he entered the Solar Array. He also had many bird posters and books all over his workspace.[2]

Howard Phillips died during the Necromorph infestation of Titan Station, leaving his body battered, partially dismembered and mutilated. He was attacked in his bed after having a psychotic episode which forced him to rest as it was noted in his last personal log. [3]

His corpse or more accurately his RIG was needed to bypass the security door in order to enter the Solar Array.

Trivia Edit

  • Phillips also might be a Unitologist, as there are several books on the desk in his room that hint towards this.
  • The name is a reference to Howard Phillips Lovecraft, an influential early 20th century horror writer whose stories involved themes of human insignificance in a careless universe, usually under unknown threat of alien horrors, similar to themes in Dead Space.
  • Howard Phillips appears to also be interested in music. The tier above Howard Phillips' personal quarters leading to the Solar Array Control pod sports a table with bird paraphernalia, a seat, and a four stringed instrument similar to a guitar. His musical capacity is unknown, nor is it personally referenced in any of his personal logs.
  • He resembles Jon Cryer.
  • If Isaac goes in front of the door, failing to the scan, then rummages in Philips' room and comes back without bringing the corpse, this triggers a bonus conversation with Ellie to guide the player: Isaac asks her to unlock the door, and Ellie suggests him to use the guardian's corpse to lure the system. However, it is not even obligatory to do this to continue the progression. If Isaacs waits long enough in front of the door (about ten minutes), the door will automatically open as if Isaac's RIG had the proper clearance.

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