Hideki Ishimura
Biographical information


Earth (Northeast Asia sector)

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Chronological and political information

Notable facts:

Inventor of the ShockPoint Drive


Black Marker research team


Hideki Ishimura was a Japanese astrophysicist, who invented the ShockPoint Drive, allowing humanity to travel through the Galaxy faster than light. The USG Ishimura mining ship, the first and the biggest of planet crackers, was named after him.


Hideki Ishimura was present during the events of Dead Space: Martyr. Hideki was a member of the science team dedicated to studying and deciphering the Black Marker aboard a research facility in the Chicxulub crater.

Following the death of a fellow scientist, Grote Guthe, Hideki was assigned to examine the corpse which had a strange growth on it. Along with two other scientists, he brought the body to the morgue, unaware that it had already begun to change due to the infection. During the examination Guthe's corpse finally completed its transformation into an infector. Upon seeing the now heavily inhuman form, Hideki fled the morgue while the accompanying scientists were killed and transformed. Hideki, an eyewitness to the events, was taken ashore for further questioning.

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