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The HUN-E1 BADGER is a fan-made blueprint that can be found in Dead Space 3.

"An advanced Rivet Shotgun and Hydraulic Eviscerator, modified for flame damage and ammo conservation."

Weapon Parts Edit

Frame: Heavy Standard Frame

Upper Tool: Telemetry Spike

Upper Tool Tip: Conic Dispersal

Lower Tool: Hydraulic Engine

Lower Tool Tip: Precision Tip

Attached 1: Ammo Support

Attachment 2: Flame Glaze

Location Edit

The Blueprint for the HUN-E1 BADGER can be found in Chapter 13, behind the first building you find.

Trivia Edit

"HUN-E1 BADGER" is a reference to the viral video, "The Crazy Nastyass Honey Badger"[1]

The HUN-E1 BADGER is a fan-made weapon that created was by Caleb Mendoza. After winning a competition, his weapon was put in the game.

Sources Edit

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