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I'm curious. I have not been able to find any information to the actual definition of what a Convergence Event is. Is it the process Necromorphs go through, once a large number of bodies show up, that creates a Hivemind or something similar?

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Could be anything, From the creation of a Hivemind to the re-incarnation of the original Alien Race. Or something else, but the term convergence implies the coming together of something. 10:34, February 3, 2011 (UTC)

To make a whole out of parts. --LBCCCP 19:34, February 3, 2011 (UTC)

Unitologist - Uni = One. Convergence = to come together into one (like LBCCCP said). As we all know, the Unitologists all want to be reborn as higher organisms (but they all end up turning into Necromorphs), and to live together in a single community, hence, the "Uni" part. Remember the part about the Unis keeping their dead in near-pristine condition? The "Convergence Event" is basically a Necromorph outbreak; it's the point in their lives they've all been dying for. (Uhuhuhu.. I'm so clever.) Go check out the Unitology page, under the Death/Convergence heading. Obskura 00:57, February 4, 2011 (UTC)

Actually I think the OP has brought up a pretty good point. You're just assuming the pre-existing definition of Convergence as Unitology describes it is what it is; Unitologists lie and use misinformation to make the idea of becoming Necromorphs appealing. Tiedman quite specifically refers to it as a "Convergence Event", with tons of Necromorphs ALREADY PRESENT, not people turning 'into' Necromorphs. Lots of people turning into Necromorphs? That's just an outbreak. Lots of Necromorphs fusing together into a hivemind - or something even greater, would seem to deserve it's own specific title - like, say...Convergence? Iudicium 13:45, February 4, 2011 (UTC)

Maybe if they docked all of the Mauseoleum Ships to one station, like the Sprawl, with a presence of the Corruption, they would eventually 'converge' into a Mega-Hivemind biomass. --LBCCCP 17:41, February 4, 2011 (UTC)

They want out souls to fuel up there rocket ship back to there home planet Outerhaven 17:54, February 4, 2011 (UTC)outerhaven

I would like to point out that in the first deadspace there was already a hive mind before a convergence event took place ( or at least there was no indication a convergence event took place) and its not the unitologists themselves that misinform people it is the church of unitology ( if i remember correctly the church of unitology was founded and is run by earthgov, who used altman's death or as they put it "martyrdom" to coax people into following thier "false" religion) but to my personal knowledge there is so far nothing in the deadspace universe that explains a convergence event, but i assume/hope(fingers crossed) it will be explianed in the next installment :) PLATZY 05:22, November 8, 2011 (UTC)

Uncle Kulikov's Post----

I feel that it will form a Hive Mind. The Unitologist mantra is One mind, one Body, one Flesh. The only way I could see that happening, is with the creation of a hive mind out of a critical mass of necromorphs. Since there was a Hive Mind on Aegis 7, which was either a creation of the colony or the original military experiments.

The size of the Hive Mind on Aegis 7 makes me think that it was from the original military experiments, since the colony was a subsection of the Ishimura Crew. And when Teidenman was panicking about the Convergence event.

I disagree with the assumption the Marker was attempting to make another Hive Mind, as it doesn't fit with what we saw with the Red Marker; in that case, the Marker was antagonistic to the Hive Mind, putting it into hibernation and killing off all of the other Necromorphs. My theory is that Marker-12 was seeking something grander: A conglomeration of all consciousness into a single entity, what could be likened to a "God" in a sense. I mean, it's all conjecture, but we don't really have alot to go on at this point. Indeed, I think the Hive Mind was a result of an imperfect Marker, one which did the opposite of what it was intended to do, which seems to be to activate the Necromorphs and use them like tools to harvest life; the Red Marker instead, while still serving to activate the Necromorph DNA, instead activated them and kept them in a dormant state. The Hive Mind, then, was an adaptation of the Necromorphs to provide the signal or what-have-you to allow the DNA to function normally.
However, while the Red Marker failed in its operating capacity, it succeeded in passing on the blueprints for a "true" Marker; a Marker large and powerful enough to initiate a true Convergence event. In essence, the Black Marker was basically a decayed Marker, the remnants of whatever it used to be/ be a part of (Species? Weapon?), which still had the instructions for the end-goal of the Marker(s), that being an entity powerful enough to initiate Convergence. The Red Marker, rather then being based on the blueprints the Black Marker was transmitting, was based on its physical form, leading to the dysfunction version that was produced. Despite being dysfunctional though, the Red Marker still contained the blueprints for the "Ultimate Marker", which were passed onto Isaac and led to Marker-12. Granted, I'm simplifying my entire theory quite a bit, but you see what I mean. Logically, at least, this theory seems to make sense and explains the differences in behaviour between the Markers. --Haegemonia(talk) 02:44, February 6, 2011 (UTC)
-----Uncle Kulikov-------
But both Markers were copies, and Isaac's imprint was derived from the red marker (therefore the titan marker is a copy of a copy). Daina said the marker's imprint was a self-replicating pattern, so that could mean (if she was telling the truth, or wasn't mistaken) that Isaac was creating an exact copy of the red marker.
And the Red marker still caused the whole infection in Aegis 7, and only repelled necromorphs on the ship. Wherever the marker was, the psychosis followed and necromorphs spread. And when Isaac brought the marker back to Aegis 7, the Hive Mind came above ground to attack him (not a particularly dormant state).
And the marker's type could be due to the material it was manufactured out of, since we only know details of the construction of the new marker, which was A) larger, B) a different color.
The situation is also different, because there is no hive mind on Titan Station yet. Perhaps, similar to Aliens, the Marker has separate patterns based on the presence of a hive mind, like the Alien queen, or without one, with just necromorphs spawning and spreading.
What I do not understand is Necromorphs are not intelligent, the hive mind may have some sort of intelligence but the true problem I have is how these creatures could have made something as advanced as the Marker. An object of immense technology which has DNA imprinted on it. Humans could not understand it and have a hard time reverse engineering it. So there must have been an advanced alien race that made something of this complexity but the only thing the Marker creates are mindless killing machines so I am kinda missing the thread here unless aliens sent the marker here as a way to exterminate the humans as a biological weapon of some sort.
And due to the Unitologist mantra of One Mind, One Spirit, One Flesh, a Hive Mind embodies that ideal. They actively seek it, and the Hive Mind is the only thing introduced into the universe at this point that represents that. Perhaps the Hive Mind are the aliens, or their colonial roots in other planets with life, like how the aliens in Command and Conquer use Tiberium to seed a planet for harvesting.
Why I think convergence creates a hive mind is because it attracted all of those necromorphs to it, and started emitting energy. So it required, and attracted them all to it's base. Teidenman was panicking because of the amount of bodies.
Actually, I mentioned that I think the pattern transmitted was the same, the difference was in how the Markers functioned. What's more, in Salvage we see several Hive Minds having formed due to the presence of just a shard of the Red Marker, which makes it seem odd there was all that hullabaloo over another Hive Mind on the Sprawl (where it would have had alot more time and biomass to form). Also, the Marker did repel Necromorphs on Aegis VII; remember when you put the Marker on the pedestal, and all the Necromorphs chasing you died? Yeah, the behaviour of the Red Marker and Marker-12 are radically different. Though, I reiterate that this is all still speculation, we haven't really been provided with any clear cut explanations, so we are all just spit balling. --Haegemonia(talk) 03:09, February 6, 2011 (UTC)
Uncle Kulikov:
I understand, but if the pattern was the same between the Red and the Titan marker, then the function should be the same unless the material, or the conditions were different. If it is the material that makes the difference, then maybe the Titan Marker is a beacon type device using it's size and energy to send a signal. Since there are at least 12 total sites, different materials to achieve different effects is viaible.
If it is based on the conditions, then the Titan Marker is different because there was no hive mind present when it was developing.
There is all of this confusion because the Red Marker behaves in a contradictory manner. It creates the environment (psychotic) suitable for necromorph infection, and also has the recipe for the necromorph infection vector inscribed on it's surface. On the other hand, it suppresses necromorphs close to it and destroys them when on the pedestal. There is no clear objective or end game for the red marker.
The Titan marker creates the psychosis, it has the recipe for the infection, but it acts as a magnet for the swarm and reacts to a critical mass of necromorph material. Each seem to have a different purpose in mind.
Actually, the pattern can be the same but the entity can function differently; think of the Red and Titan Markers like a Mac and PC with the same file inside, the difference between the two computers isn't the file but the computers themselves (or, if you'd like another analogy, two members of the same species but one has a non-genetic abnormality, like progeria). Anyway, yeah, the contradictory nature of the two drives me nuts too, if only because the designers left so little to extrapolate from to fill in the gaps. --Haegemonia(talk) 03:44, February 6, 2011 (UTC)
Okay, that is a reasonable explanation for it. I'm not quite convinced, but it would be a way to explain the difference between the marker's effects on the necromorphs. Though it seems like whatever pattern was inscribed into Isaac's psyche could be repeated infinitely, shown by the multiple copies of regular black sized markers in the Government building.
I would like to think that the Hive Minds are a serious piece of this puzzle, since it would be a let down to have them just be a kind of plot device or boss copy. If there were more details about the original hive mind, and where it came from, and how, this would be easier.
Also, after reading more about the Red Marker, it looks like it's specific purpose is to quell the necromorph infection entirely. It contains the genetic code for the infection, kind of like how a warning sticker shows what type of danger is present (like flammable, or explosive). The Marker could have the DNA code on it, to show exactly, regardless of language, what it suppresses. That could explain the vision of a pedestal that amiplifies the anti-necromorph powers of the Red Marker, and it's suppressing effects.
The Overseer must have all those different marker locations for different effects, which probably have to do with the color of the marker. The Black one is the original, without defined purpose but what can be assumed as enveloping all of the properties of the derived markers. Titan's marker is probably the inverse of the Red Marker, which is supported by it's greenish color being complimentary to red. The Red Marker suppresses the Necromorphs, and the Green Marker attracts them. Due to the "no evacuation order", Titan station could be an experiment on how quickly the infestation could spread, and the local response's ability to stem the infection.

Something you guys seem to be forgetting is that these are human made markers based upon the original. The need to want to destroy the necromorphs seems to be there, the only thing that seems to have been replicated, but otherwise they seem to be flawed in their creation. Both being flawed in different ways. Assume the original black marker wass meant to suppress the necromorphs and keep them off of life supporting worlds like earth. And the insanity caused by it is to keep life from messing with it (we did anyways). Now we try and make a new one having no idea what the original did, so instead of plugging A into B we plug A into C and suddenly you got a marker that creates necromorphs, but still wants them dead and still repels them. And the next marker you plug Q into F instead of Q into G and you got a marker that attracts necromorphs. The two markers we have seen have both been different clearly, in function and appearence. But why I ask did I need to explain this, how is it that nobody realized this until I came along. You are probably asking . . . why is the necromorph DNA on the marker, so the marker knows to repel the necromorphs. ralok 04:28, February 6, 2011 (UTC)

Good stuff, good stuff. That's the most logical back and forth regarding the markers that I've ever read. There are definitely major plot points yet to be revealed. --LBCCCP 04:47, February 6, 2011 (UTC)

But those statements about the markers, which are true, still don't explain what Convergence could be.

I think it has been adequately explained what convergance is THOUGHT to be, but not what convergance actually is. It seems to be a function of the marker, and considering hte markers behavior it may be extermination of necromorphs . . . . . attractign them and then KABOOM, but this may only apply to the original black marker, and the copy may have been miscontructed, or contructed to change the end result of a convergance (turning bodies into necromorphs perhaps) We will not get any definitive answers until we see the black marker, when we unerstand howthe original is supposed to function we will understand what flaws the copies have.ralok 05:05, February 6, 2011 (UTC)
Well that is why I think it has to do with a Hive Mind due to the rhetoric surrounding it, and the phrasing. And Tiedenman's response suggested he either had seen a Convergence before, or had been thoroughly briefed on it beforehand. The Convergence that the TItan marker caused may also be flawed, since it is a human made copy.

Ralok, though true that we have no first hand experience with Black Marker, I must again refer you to Martyr, which gives a very adequate justification of the nature of the Black Marker. As a result, a lot of contemporary conjecture regarding the markers as a whole is possible. --LBCCCP 05:21, February 6, 2011 (UTC)

But you see the marker, experiment on it. Mess around, you still probably have no idea what exactly it is supposed to do. There is no frame of references, we were not there when the marker was made. And while they may be intelligent they only seem to be able to communicate through causing insanity, or through the insanity it inadvertently causes. I think the convergence is something that was either added, or misused. I think it has something to do with exterminating necromorphs rather than creating them (at least with the black marker) and if it was added then it is probably creation of necromorphs. The markers seem to want necromorphers snuffed out, so creating them doesnt seem to be part of their natural function . . . after I play dead space 2 and read the books (and watch the movies) I will write up a complete analysis of the markers. I am good at seeing things other people dont see, so I may come to surprising and original conclusions. ralok 05:32, February 6, 2011 (UTC)

The intent of Convergence existed in the Black Marker, so it is not man-made, and the hallucinations may be a psychological defense against the influence of the markers, as detailed in Martyr. --LBCCCP 06:01, February 6, 2011 (UTC)

A defense against what though, that seems to imply malicious intent from the markers. And the insanity seems to have a purpose, and at times seems to be part of how the markers communicate. I theorize that the marker when it attempts to communicate cannot because we are not sufficiently advanced beings, thus it is forced to use the insanity it caused to communicate us. ralok 19:29, February 6, 2011 (UTC)

Like a human mind interacting with a Prothean beacon? That is possible. Well in Martyr there's a back and forth analysis of the same people having hallucinations telling them to 'make us whole' (Convergence), and other hallucinations telling them to leave the marker alone (psychological defense system).--LBCCCP 21:40, February 6, 2011 (UTC)

They do seem to have a purpose, but we don't know what the purpose of the Titan marker is because it wasn't revealed, since Convergence didn't occur. And their artificial creation could have changed both their purpose and effect of Convergence. For all we know, the Red, Black, and Titan marker all have different Convergence effects.
Remember to sign your post please....I will give to you my 2 cents about the Markers :

You all FORGOT a thing about the " Red Marker " disable the Necromorph ONLY WHEN IT IS ON THE " PEDESTAL"!!! I read that a humn thought it ... how ? easy...he got the blueprints as Isaac !!! when you know all about how to make a thing you can also UNDERSTAND IT and MODIFY it...

so, the Marker's original purpose SURLY ( 100%) CANNOT BE " STOP THE NECROs " is a non-sense !!! why it should get the Necromorph DNA written on the SURFACE in that case !? I cannot imagine how someone can guess that the ANTI NECROMORPH THEORY is TRUE...!!!

On DS2 we learn that the Markers CONTROL the necromorph ( it is able to " touch " the human consciouss trought vision ecc. so I am not really surprised )...I personally guess that CONVERGENCE is the process that create an Hive Mind using the corpses under the Marker guide : this HIVE MIND is ( I always thought it in that way ) not a is the PURPOSE OF INFECTION ! an HIVE MIND is a group of MIND that got IMMORTAL LIFE....

then, we know that each FRAGMENT got power on x necro and that BIGGER the MARKER, BIGGER the POWER ( can you imagine another reason to have a big marker on the sprawl - milions of people - and a smaller one on Aegis VII - thousands of people - ? ) each FRAGMENT ( someone stated that on Salvage there were multiple Hive Minds ) can start a convergernce.... I guess that AFTER the convergence the number of necros under the power of the marker get resetted ( the Hive Mind is indipendent or partially indipendent ) so that new ones can join the Hive Mind.
Oh.... I add a maybe stupid but funny SPECULATION about the markers colour :


You noticed the marker in the DEMENTIA TRAILER ? It change colour !!! =P you can also use as " a proof " the multiple colour ( black & red ) that the TITAN MRKER got ^^ Exxere 22:28, February 6, 2011 (UTC)

I have yet to see any evidence that the markers control the necromorphs (I have not played dead space 2 yet). Right now I am assuming that both the necromorphs and the markers exert different forces upon people . . . Alot of you seem to be taking what unitologists believe to be literal. You are assuming that the markers are meant to do the stuff that they do, and you are attributing everything that happens to the markers. It is my opinion that there are two forces at work, the necromorphs, and the Markers. But i think there are necromorphs in the black marker, in the smaller markers a small amount of genetic material was needed so it could repel the necromorphs. But for the black marker the amount of genetic material needed was much greater, enough that it was conscious and wanting of the release . . . thus convergence is the release of the necromorph genetic material. Why does it have this function, for control the black marker wasnt put on earth just to protect life on earth, but to control it, if life on earth proved itself a threat then convergance would have been activated wiping out life on earth. This also explains the red marker (when broken) creating necromorphs, in its shattered state the genetic material was released. And this is why the black marker drove those insane who broke a chunk off it, so they wouldn't turn into necromorphs. The symbols written on the wall the alien language trying to warn people away from it. Mystery solved, lets grab lunch.ralok 22:55, February 6, 2011 (UTC)

But there were Necromorphs on Aegis 7 before the marker was destroyed, so either the scientists on the colony created the Necromorph bacteria from the genetic pattern inscribed on the marker or mere proximity to the marker, when not upon a pedestal, mutates biological material into Necromorph material. And the red marker made people insane before it was destroyed, and their psychopathic murders created fertile ground for the contagion to spread. Why would Convergence be the release of Necromorphic material, if the Necromorphs were already present before the Convergence event?

===Unclekulikov 4:51PST===

There are three possibilities as to the creation of the necromorphs either the events in the text log The Red Marker actually happened, a convergence event was activated, or it was a flaw of the marker (being man made and everything) ralok 01:58, February 7, 2011 (UTC)
I would say the necromorphs were created, or brought to the planet as part of the experiment. But the idea that the markers create necromorphs makes no sense . . . at least for the black marker, as the black marker was on earth for a few million years, and the markers desire to kill the necromorphs. You cannot have it both ways by default, either creation of necromorphs by the marker is accidental or activated . . . it is all very confusing, but it makes the most sense. Otherwise why would a devise exsist that creates necromorphs and suppress' them at the same time exsis, the markers are artificial constructs . . . the original must have some sort of purpose, anything the newer ones do wrong can be attributed to error on our part. (or it could mean the writers of dead space are making it up as they go along and have no idea what they are doing) ralok 02:06, February 7, 2011 (UTC)

What i mean is when i say accidental or activated is that . . . either the necros were the result of human error, or were created (either through convergence or through the method described in the ext log). Either it was accidental or activated OR it doesnt create necromorphs. . . . its all very confusing, they didnt decide what these things did when they started writing the story did they? And in the end its just going to be left as a stupid mystery for us to solve, and some after the thought book will be madee trying to explain it, an it is going to have a completely unsatisfying explaination. ralok 02:13, February 7, 2011 (UTC)

i think i need to take a chill pill ralok 02:52, February 7, 2011 (UTC)

Ralok my friend. Either this is the smartest thing I said and is right. Or still smart and just wrong. I'll go with the former.Sniperteam82308 03:31, February 7, 2011 (UTC)

what is the smartest thing, the fact that I have forulated several theories that are all perfectly capable of making sense of the marker, or my little rant near the end. Anyways, i have a new theory, I am sticking with one of my previous theories but i think this one might be more to some peoples liking. The marker is a weapon designed to wipe out life on a planet. . . once activated it turns things into necromorphs, the convergances starts the process, and once finished it activates and kills the necromorphs, simoultaneously surpressing them . . . leaving a nice clean planet protected from the necromorphs for whoever made the marker . . . that works doesnt it? still i think my previous theory of protection is better . . . so many possibilities. ralok 03:56, February 7, 2011 (UTC)
According to that text log you linked, the human scientists created the Necromorphic infection:

"In re-creating the DNA instructions gleaned from the Black Marker, we've managed to create a recombinant microbial life form.":

The log doesn't say specifically, but I assume that the message was composed by the military research team that placed the marker on Aegis 7 since it is addressed to a General. Since the CEC is a company, and the Ishimura was there illegally, this message probably wasn't composed during the 2nd Aegis incident.
The messages received unfortunately don't mention a Convergence event, which leaves 3 options:
1) No Convergence Event occurred on Aegis 7
2) The Convergence Event occurred after all of the personnel were killed
3) The Convergence Event occurred, but was not reported. (unlikely)
A log found on the Ishimura in Dead Space 2 mentions how the inspectors found the liquified remains of the Necromorph infestation on the recovered Ishimura. The log mentions the destruction of the Red Marker, but what could also be is that when the marker is placed on the pedestal, as mentioned in the logs, it causes the Necromorph material to go dormant, like mentioned here:

"Today, as we moved what we're now calling the , we had to pass by the cellular lab area. The scientists working at the time complained about interruptions in the necrotic flesh experiments. As is turns out, the field generated by the Marker creates a "dead space" around itself that forces the recombination effect into dormancy."

Since shards of the red marker create Necromorphs, perhaps the marker shell is a seal that contains the infection, similar to a biohazard container. Since the scientists read the genetic instructions from the marker, it could be a label for what is inside.
If the Ubermorph is a progenitor of the Hive Mind, then Convergence might still be required to metamorphosize it into a mature hive mind.
====Uncle Kulikov====

but why would the marker have this function, and just sign up and sign your name like a normal person bro. click sign up, and then when you write something put four of these ~ down, you dont have to be special. It feels almost as if the people who wrote dead space 2 only watched the stupid movies and had no idea what happened in the game . . . this is all so amatuer ralok 07:55, February 7, 2011 (UTC)

I don't think Convergence is simply creating a hive mind; to me the process and nature of it seems to be far more complex and mysterious than clumping bodies together. Besides, there was no convergence event to create other gigantic Necromorphs - granted they're not the Hive Mind - but they're still huge, like the Spider and the Leviathan. And even if that's what Convergence is, then what's so great about having an alien masse floating on a slab of metal/rock nee the Sprawl, that is essentially a 3000 pound obese man who can't leave his house? I think the Hive Mind is a degenerative effect of a Necromorph presence becoming starved and going dormant and massing together to conserve energy/live. Keep in mind the Red Marker was on Aegis VII for 200 years.--LBCCCP 17:12, February 7, 2011 (UTC)

The hive mind served a distinct purpose on Aegis, it controlled the swarm through telepathy. It wasn't explained to what end, but it seems that a Hive Mind would be the next part of an infestation, after the initial outbreak. If the markers were intended to affect a whole planet, then the Hive Mind could be a safeguard to counter the victim's response to the outbreak. How this has to do with convergence?
Based on the enemies' general lack of intelligence and sentience, barring some low level cunning like with the Lurkers and Stalkers, the Hive Mind is a significant departure from the standard enemies, even the larger ones like the Leviathans and Brutes.
Since it's so different, I reason that a special event is required to create a Hive Mind, and I think it is a Convergence Event.
Unclekulikov 19:46, February 7, 2011 (UTC)Unclekulikov

I am sorry to point this out . . . but that is not a logical conclusion. Plus do we really know the hive mind is intelligent, and do we really know the others are unintelligent . . . ralok 19:55, February 7, 2011 (UTC)

I must note again that- expecially AFTER Dead Space 2 - you HAVEN'T ANY PROOF about the HIVE MIND being " a telepathic leader ". The reason why i guess that Unitology say the truth !? " Dead Space : Martyr " is the answer .... Unitlogy wasn't found by a random ALTMAN but by the government AFTER they knew what the black marker can do...!!! ^^ so I am still thinking that the Hive Mind is what the marker creators ( the unknown race ) wanted - a creature that hold togheter MILIONS OF MINDS that will get all ( how this is possible is obviusly unexplained...." DINAMO - LIKE " organic system ? something like a car battery.... ) ETERNAL LIFE.... Exxere 21:36, February 7, 2011 (UTC)

I dont want to be rude, but I have to. Your comment makes no sense, you contradicted yourself (statements about unitlogy) and the comment is utterly unreadable . . .Plus you are not asking questions, you are jsut making statements WHY would the markers create the necromorphs and create hiveminds, WHY would the marker if it creates these things intentional also have the ability to suppress them WHY would aliens want to give eternal life and unity to dinosaurs. Look its clear that the markers suppress the necromorphs, this is were teh games get the name from THE DEAD SPACE PRODUCED BY THE MARKER, the answer is in the title of the series. The necromorphs are created by the markers only through human meddling. I stick with the theory that the marker has a dual purpose (it has two halves hmm) purpose one is to protect life on living worlds (earth) and the second purpose is to destroy that life if it gets out of control. ralok 21:57, February 7, 2011 (UTC)

Ok i am starting to see a problem here, everyone is assuming that the necromorphs on the ishimura were destroyed when the red marker was returned to the pedestal, but I see nothing to confirm that . . . in fact there are things that contradict that. Right now at the point I am in the game it seems the necromorph infestation on titan station was caused not by the marker but by the necromorphs on the ishimura. Please tell me why my assumption is wrong. ralok 22:59, February 7, 2011 (UTC)

I remember the logs on Ishimura stated that all the infections turned into "soupy DNA sludge". If this is the state of the Ishimura when it was found, then all the Necromorphs were destroyed after the Aegis VII incident. Nicholaelaw 23:12, February 7, 2011 (UTC)
I also remember reading the article on Unitology here. The "Death/Convergence" section of the article says:"It is also revealed that the Necromorph outbreak on the Sprawl was the intent of the Church, as a team was sent to the station to kill themselves near the influence of the Marker, thereby becoming the first Necromorphs there." Though I can't find any source of it.Nicholaelaw 23:18, February 7, 2011 (UTC)
Ah turns out I've already read about it. It is the plot of the Dead Space for iPhone/iPad. Basically a group of Marker-heads kills themselves in the mine, and turned into the first Necromorphs on the station.Nicholaelaw 23:26, February 7, 2011 (UTC)

I just found the audio-log . . . .this is stupid, it completely contradicts the first game in every way . . . who was the lead writer for dead space 2 and who was the lead writer for dead space? IT says the dna soup re-animated in the presences of a marker signal, but the signal around the marker was a DEAD SPACE were it would work, my only conclusion is that there must be two functions to the marker, or the markers are not functioning as the black marker was intended to function. Plus there were necromorophs on the ishimura after the marker was destroyed. And it was a signal from the marker once placed on the pedestal that destroyed necromorphs (or suppressed the hiveminds, without which the necromorphs died) this is all very confusing. ralok 23:35, February 7, 2011 (UTC)

Maybe the Marker's "inhibition" signal range is shorter than the "reanimate" signal range? The pedestal serves as an amplifier for the "inhibition" signal, thus destroys all Necromorph around when the Marker is placed on it.Nicholaelaw 23:40, February 7, 2011 (UTC)
My impression is that the Aegis VII Marker shattered when Isaac droped the continent on it. The Necromorphs onboard Ishimura were destroyed when the Marker was placed on the pedestal. So how was there Necromorph left onboard Ishimura after the Marker shattered?Nicholaelaw 23:45, February 7, 2011 (UTC)

I am sure that dead space salvage has a good explanation for that . . . but here is the thing in dead space 2 everyone including isaac seems to be under the impression that the dropping of a continent sied rock onto the marker was isaacs intention . . . that was not something anybody wanted to happen, They are completely ignoring the first games story . . . this is bull. Somewhere there are three drunken frat aliens, laughing because sending a marker to a primitive civiliation, is their equivelent of calling the pizza dilivery guy on people. And the humor is in the fact we try to make sense of this bullsh*t . . . or it could be about making fossil fuels . . . . wait a minute, the dinosaurs died . . . when the black marker hit the earth . . . this might be important. ralok 23:59, February 7, 2011 (UTC)

You also seem drunk my friend. I hereby leave the fate of the pizza delivery to you. Nicholaelaw 00:03, February 8, 2011 (UTC)

Whoah, pump the brakes. I'm sure you were joking, but we don't want this to get hostile. This has been an intelligent and thoughtful conversation so far, so let's keep it that way.--LBCCCP 06:14, February 8, 2011 (UTC)

Sorry, was joking. Won't happen again. Nicholaelaw 06:16, February 8, 2011 (UTC)

No problem, man. Just a public service anouncement.--LBCCCP 06:23, February 8, 2011 (UTC)

I don't remember where I read it, maybe here, but prior to the release of Martyr there was some conjecture about the Black Marker being a template for its creator race's biology, like a sperm sample in a sperm bank. Perhaps there was only selfish intent and the creation of the human race was either an accident or a necessary step in the process of eventually reanimating the creator race in the event of their extinction.Maybe the marker recieved some remote signal to begin broadcasting it's signal around the time of Martyr. It is said several time therein that it only recently began broadcasting. Why then? --LBCCCP 06:22, February 8, 2011 (UTC)

If people are referring to the slasher that looked like Nicole at the end of Dead Space 1, then for all we know it could have been a hallucination. After all, Isaac survives the encounter (which is about all we know for sure about it).
In terms of the DNA sludge article, I assume it was made on Titan Station , by the government clean up crew, and therefore they refered to the Titan Marker when referencing the Marker's signal reanimating the sludge material. That would also fit with the story of Dead Space Iphone, since several characters apparently kill themselves in proximity to the marker to start the infestation, in coordination with Codename Vandal sabotaging material.
In terms of Marker Effect, I noticed the Titan marker had a greenish hue. If what Ralok says about the frabricated markers is true, perhaps the Red marker is flawed in one way and the TItan Marker is flawed in another way. If the Black Marker has two functions, then maybe the Red Marker has the suppression factor, and the Titan Marker has the reanimation factor while both have the genetic code for the Necromorphs.

Ok wrap your heads around this, in my opinion the red marker was flawed in thatit produced both a signal to create necros and to negate them . . . thecreation signal was something that needed to be activated in the original black marker, but was constant in the red. The titan marker, the copy of the copy may have ONLY had this function, and it may have been designed that way and not flawed ralok 13:34, February 8, 2011 (UTC)

Well I think we can all agree that may be the case in light of their not being a whole lot of information by which to compare them, other than assuming the Black Marker is the constant. That markers can have more than one function is obvious in the Black and Red Markers. But without knowing the intent of the Black Marker's creators, it's hard to make anything that we have relative to anything. --LBCCCP 15:19, February 8, 2011 (UTC)

and that is the real problem with both recreating the markers, and trying to figure out what they do. We have no context which to judge the effects and we have no idea what it is supposed to do. So while we recreate those effect we dont know what the effects are supposed to accomplish and why. I still feel like dead space 2 isa major dissapoint in terms of story, it realyl is a derailment of the first, for examle everyone seems to think it was isaacs intention to destroy the marker . . . but it was destrroyed by factors beyond his control . . . dead space 2 has created major continuity errors and it almost seems like they completely ignored the first. Not only that but they have tried to incorporate to much dark comedy, I hate to point this out but dark comedy and horror do not mix well . . . plus the armor feels streamlined like they removed what was unique about it (welders mask shape) plus triangles suck, they are not visually pleasing and make health drainage harder to judge. And i enjoyed the zero G jumping in dead space, but in dead space 2 you just fly around, there is no reason ot have removed the jumping ability, you could have had bother . . . now there is no going back though. Sure its a great game, but thus far it feels like almost all video games inhabiting the number two(2) slot. That is to say major gameplay and graphics improvements, with little story development, and major risks taken, but thankfully number 3 almost always fixes the problems of two, whilst simoutaneously having great story . . .. . i hope they bring back the dialogue trees in dragon age three (ignore this) . . . ralok 15:54, February 8, 2011 (UTC)
HEY HEY why didnt i think of this. What if the two differet halves of the markers are embodiments of the markers abilities. What if the shards that reanimate dead flesh are all from the same half. . . what if the information used to create the titan marker came exclusively from that half ralok 16:20, February 8, 2011 (UTC)
lets not forget that the MARKER(s) is sentient, they have minds of their own, i found a couple audio logs in the marker creation center in government sector of one mans thoery that the marker influenced the peole researching it to make a marker

But what if the opposite is true, what if the people making it influence the marker. Thus the markers personality of the marker could be different for each marker, teh titan marker could be malevolent, and the red marker could have been benevolent . . . huh i int consider that the markers could have different personalities before now. ralok 17:14, February 8, 2011 (UTC)

In the interest of further discussion, we should collect all of the relevant facts we have available into a heading at the top of the topic for reference. I haven't played all of the games, and I haven't read Martyr or seen Aftermath. By pooling all of our current knowledge, we will be better able to reason about the unknown. And the current truth that there is no correct answer is what makes this fun.
I keep going back to the Hive Mind because it's presentation in DS1 made it seem really significant. It doesn't just seem like a generic boss insertion, the Hive Mind had character and seemed to influence the story, similar to how the marker influenced Isaac with the helpful Nicole hallucination. Isaac received beneficial hallucinations that guided him to the marker and the pedestal, while others became paranoid and suffered from psychopathic delusions that created corpses.
A log found in either the Marker lab or the Ishimura in DS2 mentions that smart people are affected in a different way, so perhaps that is the difference between good hallucinations and bad ones.
I'm going to look through the logs later to see if there is any mention of whether the Hive Mind has psychic influence, since I feel it could responsible for the psychopathic tendencies on Aegis 7.
Unclekulikov 20:22, February 8, 2011 (UTC)Unclekulikov

I have a new theory guys, read my latest blog. ralok 20:57, February 8, 2011 (UTC)

PLEASE SEE "What is Convergence? Cont." on the Forum page; this thread is so large it's starting to lag. --LBCCCP 22:38, February 8, 2011 (UTC)


Something we seem to be forgetting is that the Marker isn't meant to talk to people. As said in a log near the Titan Marker in most people the codes drive you to madness (expected since it has dead people try to talk to you and warn you about alien zombies) and only "smart" people can understand it. I think the insanity is just a side affect. Im not sure on its true purpose but I think that the Marker acctually is trying to stop the necromorphes and its another force (possibly the hive min dor even just a base line mindcontrol present in all necromorphes) that gets people to work in favor of the necromorphes.

This is my first addition. I do not have access to all the information, but will make several observations.

  • First off, good stories, especially series, do not put red herrings in the story. However, they will add new data specifically designed to misdirect the reader into making wrong assumptions. I believe all the data we are given is consistent, the creators of the story would not have gone to all the trouble with the prequels and different media outlets of information to complete the fleshing out of the Dead Space Universe if that were not true. Good stories do not create a universe and then just add something that contradicts everything or at the end just give the hero a magic wand at the end to fix everything, because that is the only way it could be fixed. They build and build till all the information is out there and then bring the story to a climax, which hopefully has a surprising and satisfying ending. I believe all the Markers are displaying the proper behavior in their situation, that there hasn't been a broken marker and they are all acting in a consistent manner.

Here are some items from the story that lead me to believe that this is still true.

This will contain spoilers for DS2 so readers beware :)

  • When the convergence event is taking place in DS2, Issac asks Nicole what the Marker is doing, she answers, "What it was made to do".
  • Nicole tells Issac it is time to die, because the Marker cannot be whole until it consumes the mind and body of the creator.
  • In DS1 the Marker assumes the identity of Nicole Brennan. At the end of the game Issac learns that it was actually the Marker using him. In DS2 both Nicole and Issac have a hostile relationship, until Issac is fooled by the Marker into believing that NIcole is a construction of his guilt. At this point she should have just disappeared, Issac finally coming to his senses, but instead they now get along with the Marker drawing him into the Dead Space where it can consume him and become whole.
  • Ending of DS1, Issac is sitting in the pilot's seat, turns and see's Nicole as a Necromorph. (This is a product of the dementia and the signal that the Marker has implanted in his brain).
  • Opening to DS2

Loading: Ishimura transit module
Welcome back Nicole Brennan
This is when the Ishimura is towed within the range of the Marker signal and the DNA sludge in the Ishimura begins to reanimate. NIcole Brennan is a construct of the Marker's consciousness. It shows intelligence and is always doing the Markers bidding.

  • Audio recording in the DS2 gov't section states that the signal is the same, some people see it as data projected from the Marker, others cannot understand it and so it drives them mad.
  • As Issac leaves the Sprawl he turns and is surprised that Ellie remains human and has not changed into a Necromorph. (hence the Marker presence is now purged from his brain.)
  • And lastly, in an interview with Steve Papoutis creator of Dead Space he states that the villain of Dead Space is the Marker. So the Marker at no times is a friend of man. Herrington.t.bass 17:13, February 13, 2011 (UTC)

Greetings, I am going to put some thoughts and reiterations into this mass of speculation, as this is a subject that can really only be speculated upon as there are not nearly enough parts of the puzzle to really get it right. I would agree that the marker from what I know of it is completely hostile, the only thing of it that has really been seen to ward off the necromorphs was the pedestal which was man made, who knows, it could of been designed to reverse the effect of the markers true signal. But before speculating on the pedestal, there is another puzzle more complete, which is the psychological side of the marker. The marker seems to attempt at controlling people for mallicious reasons, it's the voice that tells them to kill themselves or do other malicious acts, while the voice that tells them to survive or do other helpful things is their mind defending itself from the marker as stated by the book, as also said by the book, those with a strong will and intelligence are uneffected by the markers attacks on their mind, seemingly because it can't get through the strength of the minds defences, which of course is why they kept Altman on the research team since it didn't effect his strong mind, while those with weaker wills and intelligence struggle to fight off the markers influence on them, as it generates hallucinations and voices telling them mallicious things, while the intelligence of their mind and their thoughts try to break through the markers attacks on their mind with a voice of its own trying to reach them to deliver their own minds thoughts of what to do to them. Also while sitting on the books facts, if I remember correctly the first necromorph was a scientist who used the code on the marker to create the infection and injected himself with it on orders from the markers hallucinations, which then told him to go into the markers dead space telling him it would stop the infection - but would it really? I'm guessing this is the same thing that happened with Isaac, it was a trick of the marker, it doesn't stop infection, that machine that Isaac got into which no one seems to be speculating it - probably the infection that same scientist injected himself with, then just like the scientist, he was told to go to the marker, where it would then absorb him, but of course, the scientist never made it to the marker to be absorbed because he was stopped by guards.

Moving back a bit to the psychological effects of the marker, another thing I want to look at is the hallucinations, as stated by the book, the marker only ever brings up hallucinations of the dead, the dead of who? Loved ones, what better psychological weapon to attack someone with than someone they loved and was close to them, it seems this is a weapon the marker employs to either finish off the weak willed that their mind is attempting to combat, or to try cracking into the defences of the strong willed that the marker is having trouble influencing, because what better way to get someone to listen or crack under the pressures of someone they loved. Going back forward now to Dead Space 1, the pedestal, if I can remember correctly, a scientist I've forgotten the name of built it by listening to a voice who told him it would send the infection dormant, I'm doubting that voice was of the marker telling him, I'm guessing it was the voice of his intelligence in his mind breaking through the markers attacks with its own thoughts on how to build something that could help, and so what I think is that his mind envisioned the pedestal, something to reverse the effects of the markers signal and such. Going on all this, I would say that the speculations of the marker originally being built to stop infection are incorrect, I would say the marker was a psychological weapon, built to cause people to go insane and kill others and themselves, and with the genetic code of the necromorphs printed on it, to also psychologically command them to use it on themselves like they did, making this a psychological weapon of mass destruction. And then it replicates itself in the minds of survivors, so they would keep rebuilding it if it were destroyed, until there were no survivors, and the whole species wiped out, the ultimate weapon. It was possibly built by an alien force to do exactly this, to wipe out any species of their choosing, maybe an alien experiment, maybe like Halo and the flood it was built by humans long ago, nearly destroyed themselves with it, and it was forgotten as humanity rebuilt.

There are just too many possibilities with too little puzzle pieces at the moment really, but if I remembered all the facts from the books and such correctly, then definitely, as also stated just above in the dotted points by someone else, the marker is entirely, and has always been entirely, hostile towards humans, and has been playing tricks on humans like it did with Isaac to think it was built to stop the infection when it's using them to destroy themselves further. This is a topic I could go on and on speculating all sorts of theories, but we wont know until they give us more. At this point in time it's like trying to figure out a law of the universe when we only have very small parts of the formula that are completely inconclusive and can only be speculative.

Danke for your time my fellow speculating minds! - Celethorn.

I think that Convergence is tied heavily to the purpose of the Markers. The discovery site of the Black Marker is Chixulub, the site of a massive crater which is believed to have been created in conjunction with the K-T boundary during which an ELE (Extinction Level Event) occurred. This suggests that (in the Dead Space universe) the Black Marker produced a Necromorph out break at the K-T boundary period which caused the ELE. I would like to propose that the purpose of the Markers is to act as a biomass collection device used by its creators to cultivate a planet’s biomass for their own consumption.

To this end I think that Convergence is indeed the production of a Hive Mind which can then be plucked from the planet’s surface.

Additionally I think that all of the Marker’s seen so far have acted in accordance with their original operating specifications, we have simply seen their behaviour at different stages in the entire process:

The Dead Space 2 Green/Yellow Marker was at the Pre-Convergence stage and was in the process of disseminating the Necromorph contagion and gathering the biomass to create the Hive Mind.
The Dead Space Red Marker got to the Post-Convergence stage. The Hive Mind had been produced. To make the collection of the biomass easier the Red Marker provided instructions for the creation of a Pedestal which, when the Marker is installed, pacifies the Hive Mind and destroys any and all surplus Necromorphs.
The Black Marker is at a Post-Collection/Pre-Convergence stage. In addition a species capable of manufacture is present and the maddening signal disseminated by the Marker has been understood by select members of the species as the plans for its construction. The purpose behind this feature is probably the hope that the species will propagate the Markers to other sites inhabited by the species to aid in the original creator’s purpose: Biomass Harvest.

To make the last point work the Markers need to be sending out a much wider ranging signal so that the original creators can be alerted to the presence of a harvest-ready world. – Kainelrit.

Or perhaps each Marker we have seen so far serves a different purpose from eachother. After all, Dead Space 2 does reveal that The Sprawl and Aegis VII were merely 2 out of 12 different Marker sites; perhaps the Red Marker was merely built around the purpose of repelling Necromorphs and/or dormancy and the one on The Sprawl was one built more closely to the Black Marker's specs. With 10 other sites out there (assuming Aegis VII is considered one of them), it's quite possible that, considering each Marker is an experiment based on the Black Marker (assuming Earth isn't considered a Marker site with the original Black Marker), each Marker is meant to test a different aspect they discovered of the Black Marker over the years before trying to truly and perfectly replicate it by combining everything they learn from the experiments. Of course, with "Marker Site 12" lost, the other sites must "pick up the pieces", probably meaning that they'll have to try to rediscover what was learned from that Marker. - HalfDemonInuyasha

Well not really different Markers, id assume that by making the copy of a copy of a copy the end result is surely going to be flawed. We cant really know what the true purpose of a marker is. Is it to create necromorphs? is it to repel them or is it to create a hive mind.There is only one way to find out, and that is to see what the black marker does. Does it repel them, does it atract them or what on earth does it do to the necromorphs. I for one cant wait for the next DS game, or at least movie/book/comic- Zurgix

Hey, first time poster here. Okay, to me "Convergence" is the assimilation and absorption of multiple necromorphs. The's necromorphs are then transformed into another life form/forms? I believe that the life form/forms? produced by the Black Marker are copys of or direct descendents of the alien race that created the original Marker.

In Dead Space: Martry, the term "Convergence" is first used by an apparition generated by the Black Marker. The Marker has never really been clear in articulating what it wants ("make us whole"?). The apparition warned Guether (the first named infected human) that "Convergence" will happen soon after he accidentally injected himself with a necromorph bacterial culture and started to mutate. He began to mutate into something (I suspect wheezers are what happens in the rare incidents when living people become when infected) and the apparition said that only the dead space field surrounding the Marker could stop the "Convergence". In other words, in Martyr, Convergence is merely the infection and all that follows (which is chaotic, accidental and without purpose), and has no greater definition. Both the Red and Black Markers both opposed convergence and show no sign of wanting to spread the infection even though they are its source. Convergence is just the Marker and Unitology's way of referring to the whole course of the infection from the outbreak to all the ensuing chaos. The Marker's responsibility for infection yet opposition to it means that it most likely is not built to destroy humans or anyone else but is so powerful that it can accidentally do so when they involve themselves with it. The Marker in Martyr consistently told humans to stay away or they risk "Convergence". It "knew" about its ability to cause an infection and tried not to do this. This suggests that it is not a weapon but something built for completely benign purposes (by its builders) but the absence of humans meant the aliens had no way to make it childproof against humans, and hence the disaster of the "convegence". Consider a child playing with fire. Fire can be used but also kill and spread uncontrollably. The Marker may have been easy for aliens to use but incredibly complex and dangerous for humans to use, and everything in "Convergence" is accidental, the result of human error

Hi, I'm new on this wiki, but after reading your stuff I came up with my own explanation: What if the recombinant virus, which turns humans and animals into Necromorphs, is only one half of a bigger process? I mean: think about, why do corpses get infected in the head? Sure, it's a fast way of infecting a corpse but a Necromorph doesn't essentialy need its head. So, my idea is, that the corpses have to be infected that way, because ther is something special about the place, the infection starts: The brain itself! People, who are "imprinted" by a marker might be the other half of the process. We most certainly don't know WHAT exactly is imprinted in the head of a human who is compatible like Isaac and Stross. Why should it only inprint how to create new markers? Maybe it also puts some kind of blueprint in the brain and the infection is altered by this "blueprint". To ensure the process is done correctly, the infection would have to start in the brain, so that the markers intention is immediately executed by the virus thus creating a different form of Necromorph.

You may ask: What's that got to do with convergence? The answer is: Think about the Hive Mind a convergence gone wrong! It may be an unision of the flesh, but it doesn't feel like it is the right outcome of a successfull convergence. So the convergence might require a (human) being who was imprinted by a marker and was compatible with it (it's creator). Thus creating a being of the alien race who built the black marker. Or into some creature who will start another event (maybe a queen, when thinking about the aliens being insect like). - Treborius 19:49, March 3, 2011 (UTC)

If I may be so bold, is it ever outright said that Necromorphs AREN'T a possible further evolution of man? And has their potential lifespan within a marker zone ever been noted? And outside of their hatred for the uninfected do we know what sort of intellectual capacity is? For all we know about necromorphs, it is entirely possible that they could be incredibly durable, nigh-immortal, intelligent beings, and the very breadth of that understanding drives them insane and makes them unable to cope with beings that do not understand them (IE non-necromorphs). Just thought this up, will expand on it later. Siberys 12:45, March 4, 2011 (UTC)

Maybe it's all just some sort of sick and unfortunate mistake?? A remnant of powerful alien technology crashes into earth forming massive crater, maybe it was never meant to be there, maybe it's existence was a a horrible experiment, jetisoned from an alien universe to eliminate it's threat to some distant hyper advanced race. What if EarthGov is learning to harness the power of something so horrific and wrong that the very people with the knowledge to craft such an abomination from nothing couldn't handle the consequences. Maybe Isaac Clarke and Nolan Stross were the only people who've lived long enough to realise that nothing can be salvaged from the nigthmare of the marker and that it's original purpose is incomprehensable to human minds.

DroidCLH2 02:33, March 8, 2011 (UTC)


I think that before we can come up with what convergence is we need to find out what the markers are ment to do. The two are related but we are trying to figure out what the end result is before we know how it starts. I believe that none of the markers suceeded in what they were trying to do. (I'm not sure what they were trying to do) but after we find out what that is from there we can ask What is Convergence? I personally believe convergence is greater than a Hive mind because Convergence seems like a really big deal and Issac took the hive mind down no problem

I am going to repost something I already posted on a similar topic.

"I read Martyr over the weekend, and I think I have found a few answers. However, this is contingent on 2 things. First, that you take everything written in the book, "Martyr," as canon. And second, that you take everything in both movies, "Downfall" and "Aftermath," as canon as well. Also, I am not going to try to quantify any particular theory, only state facts. Obviously, there will be spoilers.

So, what do we know about the Markers? Let's start with the Black Marker, since the others deal directly with it. Everything dealing with the Black Marker comes exclusively from the book, "Martyr." First, we know that it was buried for over 65 million years, and comes from an alien civilization. Second, we know that it is not broken, it wants to be reproduced, and it wants Convergence to begin (I will deal with the subject of Convergence alittle later). We also know that each piece of a Marker, carries the entire code of the whole. All of this information comes directly from the book. I will try to make my thoughts as cohesive as possible, but I find that hard sometimes.

Now, as far as the Marker not being broken, you can look on page 403, after Stevens and Markoff talk about "fixing" the Marker by making another one, Altman says, "No, it's not that. It's not that at all. Your wrong. It wasn't damaged; it was doing what it was meant to do. It meant to destroy us." Now, how did Altman know this? Because he had direct contact with the Marker, and, much like Isaac, was not only given knowledge on how to create another Marker, but basically had his brains security turned off so that he could understand it. If you look at page 386, right after he touches the Marker it reads, "It was not love he felt, but something different, something that was not a feeling at all. At first it was as if he was experiencing all the hallucinations he had had at once, as if he was experiencing all the experiences any of the others had had, all laid over one another. Most of it interested with itself, created a kind of blinding static that blotted itself out, but beyond that, and in spite of it, he could see something he hadn't seen before. He could see that the hallucinations were not a function of the Marker but something else that stood in opposition to it, of something that was ingrained in his own brain. The hallucinations had been trying to protect them, but they had failed: the process had begun. Now all he could do was try to satisfy the Marker enough that the process would stop but not do enough to lead to full-fledged Convergence." We can tell from this that the 2 types of hallucinations do not come from the Marker. The Marker only creates hallucinations that drive people to either death (to spread Convergence), or (if you are smart enough) codes to creating more Markers. Whatever it is inside the human mind that creates the other hallucinations, I don't know (and neither for that matter does Altman). But he is sure that it does not come from the Marker.

On the same page we also see this, "And then, suddenley, something cleared and he could see past the hallucinations to glimpse to Marker itself. It was as if it were changing the structure of his brain, reworking connections, rewiring circuits, to make him understand. Suddenly he felt he could see the structure of the Marker from the inside, and in a way that gave him a complex appreciation of it." Basically, this means that the Marker has the power to change the human mind in a way that makes it go against its very nature. I think this answers the question as to why Isaac's visions are so different between games. He was like Altman originally, completely immune to the affects of the Marker, but not to whatever it was warning him against it. Just like Isaac in the first game, he only saw Nicole telling him to stop the Marker, not help it. However, after having direct contact with the Marker, it changed him. It disabled his "mental security," and imprinted him with the knowledge of the Marker. This explains his visions in the second game, as they are no longer coming from within himself, but directly from the Marker. Now, one thing no one has mentioned is, in the second game, the Red Marker is destroyed, so how does it help the new Marker to absorb Isaac? Well, you will notice that the image of the Marker in Isaac's head is of the Red Marker. I believe that the Titan Marker has to absorb to code of the Marker it was created from to finish Convergence. It wasn't after Isaac, so much as it was the code inside him.

Now, another cause of confusion comes from the fact that the Black Marker and the Red Marker seem to generate a "dead space," while the Titan Marker doesn't. However, we also get this answer from the book. Before Altman sends the Black Marker its own signal, it was creating the "dead space." However, afterwards it wasn't, at least not as strongly. We know this because as soon as Altman and Harmon leave the room, a necromorph that was originally being kept out of the hallway by said "space," is able to attack them in the hallway when they tried to leave. This shows us that once a Marker has reached a certain point in Convergence, it will drop its "dead space" (just like the Titan Marker did), although I don't know why.

Now we move on to the subject of Convergence. I would like to say this section will be as long as the last, but it won't be. The book gives several possibilities for what this might be. It calls it a "new beginning" and the "merging of all into one." Altman says that this could mean a few things. Either we all actually become one being, we actually do evolve into a new species and gain eternal life, or (and this is the one he finds most probible) we become like ants, enslaved to the queen with the loss of our free will. This is what I believe happens (after witnessing the Hivemind). Now, does this mean that each Marker only wants to create a Hivemind? And if so, why? I don't know, but (even though I said I wouldn't) I could offer a theory. Now, this might sound strange, but my theory is based on the plot of another video game. If anyone here has played a game called Xenogears, then you might know where I am going. In that game, an advanced weapon becomes damaged, and in order to repair itself, it creates complex organic life (humans). After 10,000 years, it is ready to awaken and become whole, so it begins to transform most of the humans on the planet into monsters (known as Wels) to use as parts for it's new body. That is what this reminds me of. The fact that, supposedly, the Marker created human life, and then went dormant, only to awaken and start mutating humans for some unknown end known as "Convergence." It could finally be ready to heal itself (or something else) and needs to finish turning us into the "parts" in order to do it. I really don't think that is the case, but it fits, and it is just what it reminds me of. Anyway, I know this has gotten rather long, and I could add even more, but I will leave it to you all to read this first, and then just try to answer questions about it. These are the broad strokes anyways." - Unus Mundus 20:31, August 19, 2011 (UTC)

I think Convergence is more then just creating a Hive Mind. After reading numerous articles hear I've noticed a few repeating theories. Different objectives for different Markers, newer Markers being failed replicas, etc. One thing people should notice (if they've played all the games) is the different bosses. If the Marker's objective of Convergence is to create Hive Minds, why are there other gigantic Necromorphs? That theory doesn't support the creation of the Spider, Slug, Tormentor, Leviathan, The Boss (DS: Mobile), or in this case what the Drag Tentacles are really apart of. They could be a part of a Hive Mind, or something far larger. While Isaac encounters many Drag Tentacles (as well as other huge Necros), Vandal only encounters a few Necromorphs (Brute, Slasher, Lurker, Exploder, Pregnant, Swarmers, Enhanced Slasher, Enhanced Brute, Enhanced Exploder (exclusive to Mobile), Enhanced Lurker, and The Boss), she encounters no Drag Tentacles in the same station in which Isaac encounters them. And this still leaves the theory about the Ubermorph. Whilst some people think it is an immature Hive Mind, I believe this is irrelevant. As the Hive Mind shows no sign of regenerative properties, nor dark skin like the Ubermorph. The Ubermorph however, could just be a matured Hunter that Mercer kept dormant so no one would find it while he tested the Hunter's abilities out on Isaac. Convergence could just be the event of creating a single, large, very powerful Necromorph. Since most of the larger Necromorphs found its way to the ships from space, they could be the result of the other Marker sites' Convergence. Now in Dead Space (mobile) you see a White Marker in the desert. This Marker is not mentioned in any other game, nor explained in the books or comics. Since The Sprawl is likely Vandal's first "planetside" operation, she would never have encountered this Marker (or likely any other Marker for that matter). But this still leaves her vast hallucinations a mystery (imagining herself as a Slasher, seeing a Slasher's face, seeing doubles of herself that are actually Necromorphs, seeing the Desert or White Marker, seeing limbs strewn all over rooms, etc), but could show that some Marker has had influence on her (possibly the one Isaac created), and that her mission was to create the White Marker. This marker appears to be absolutely giagantic in size, as it is very far away in a very big open desert when seen by Vandal, showing that it may have a very BIG purpose, possiblely creating something far superior to any Necromorph created up to that time. Whereas the Hive Mind's real size is never revealed, the hole it lives in when encountered by Isaac is ginormous. The Tormentor (shown to be impervious to damage from Isaac's weapons) is huge and composed of possibly hundreds, if not thousands, of bodies, and is only killed when Isaac blows up the gunship's entire fuel supply floating around it (which surprisingly doesn't kill Isaac in the process). The Leviathan grew into the Ishimura's outer hull after floating around in space for some time, showing that either landed in a bunch of The Corruption or is actually a more MATURE version of the Corruption. Perhaps each Marker has it's own goal for Convergence, the goals may all be to accomplish one thing, or to accomplish many things. There's no proof that all of the Necromorphs are supposed to combine into one god-like being (therefore putting Unitology's saying into a lie of sorts, or an unaccomplishable goal), for how could you combine things like The Spider with The Slug or The Boss into one being?? The Marker's origin is still unknown, purpose unknown, and generally what it is unknown. But it's DNA pattern can be reverse engineered, as shown by Nicole in the Dead Space: Extraction comic. While Nicole had found a believed cure, she did not have the matierals or equipment to make it. But that in it's own leaves the question, did anyone find her reseach over it? Surely someone from EarthGov or the Church or even possibly Isaac would have found her reseach, and made the cure to stop the outbreak. Of course, if the cure fell into the wrong hands, I'm sure it could have been reverse engineered again to create a Necromorph virus, but one far more portable, able to be put into something proabably as small as a syringe. Perhaps the Marker's origins will never be revealed, perhaps that and Convergence where made to be a mystery. Its only purpose left to the imagination of the gamer or reader. I think I've made some sort of point supported by my logic (or insanity) Squattop 20:43, November 22, 2011 (UTC)

Indeed it would seem that this is something that'll never come out to be known, but i have a couple theories, but only based upon what little i know, and based off extraction, dead space 2, the comic that came with extraction and the movie. I Think that it's possible that there are many more markers out there, man-made, alien-made, possibly even natural ones, all entirely likely, but i think that convergence could be a way to spread the infection to a very large area, or possibly increase the range and effect of the markers. But it indeed doesn't make sense for it to create a hive-mind since there's larger necromorphs, but just maybe its possible that if left undisturbed necromorphs could develop a hive-mind all on their own, it would just take awhile. We can all assume that the markers have power over biological material, both live and dead, and i also think that the markers were probly some sort of alien bio-weapon, used to destroy an enemy or something, The Gigantic necromorphs were probly part of Convergence, maybe not, but i do believe that the necromorphs tend to mature if left alone, and sort of glob together to create larger and larger necromorphs, until one large enough could possibly have the capability of creating a hive-mind. I also had another theory that the markers could possibly be providing a hive-mind like structure, until one was naturally created to take it's place, but if thats true, then convergence would make more sense to act as a teleportation method, but i dont really think that makes alot of sense. But i remember what i saw in DS2 when fighting Nicole, once you got the markers core to show, based off that, i believe that the marker at Titan Station could have acted the way it did, and Convergence was a sort of metamorphosis, as when you expose the marker's core, it looks like a necromorph, a really big one, so what if the marker is actually a giant cocoon, to unleash a necromorph of unseen size, using all the other necromorphs to help build the rest of it, and "wake it up" so to speak.

I saw this page and i just joined, so i could contribute to this discussion, i am very good at thinking up and explaining, total nonsense, just give me enough to work with and time, lots of it. So yeah that's my two cents, and it was very enjoyable, but hard to read half of all of the above text (minus my own of course) but it was fun - -- JF-T 08:00, March 4, 2012 (UTC)

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