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Firing Range

The Firing Range is located in the Armory aboard the USM Valor. After clearing out the Divider (along with its limb-spawns) and several Exploders infesting the room, Isaac can activate the panel on the Firing Range to begin a shooting program consisting of shooting red targets to earn points and avoiding shooting at blue targets. There are 9 target holders a short distance in front of the standing area, and five levels of increasing difficulty to beat to earn all the prizes, which appears on a small platform in front of the menu screen of the Firing Range.


By completing the fifth level in this minigame, you unlock the achievement "Crackshot". The prizes are as follows: 

Level 1: Random ammo (Plasma Energy seems to be the most common)
Level 2: Random ammo 
Level 3: Medium Medpack
Level 4: Ruby Semiconductor
Level 5: Power Node


  • When you play this minigame, you are granted unlimited ammunition (Only for the target range). Fire away!
  • Levels are beaten by shooting all of the red targets that appear along with not shooting any blue targets, earning a flawless score in the process.
  • As levels increase, you must shoot more red targets that spend less time exposed.
  • Use a weapon with instantaneous projectile speed, such as the Plasma Cutter or the Pulse Rifle.
  • You get/lose the same amount of points for hitting a target, regardless of where exactly you hit them.
  • Standing further back helps as it reduces the time required to sweep the gun from the leftmost target to the rightmost. Standing too far back will immediately exit the mini-game, which in itself can be useful if you miss an early target in the level and want to restart it right away.
  • Standing to the side helps as it prioritizes 2/3 of the field. While this does cause the other 1/3 to be harder to hit, this still tips the odds in your favor
  • After you've beaten level 5 and acquire the Power Node, don't continue to play any further as you will not get anymore prizes for completing levels 1-5 again.
  • Don't worry about dismemberment, one hit fully dismembers a target.
  • It is useful to not aim when looking for a target. Since you can just immediately snap to the target by moving the camera to it, then aiming, which is faster than the aiming camera.



  • The Shooting Gallery is one of two minigames in Dead Space, the other being Zero-G Basketball.
  • While the firing range is actived, you will have infinite ammo for all guns. The effect however is canceled when the game ends.


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