Executive Shuttle

The damaged executive shuttle is discovered

"If you really can repair the shuttle... there is a much better use for it than just running away.[1]

The Executive Shuttle is an exclusive space shuttle to the executives aboard the USG Ishimura.



Prior to the arrival of Isaac Clarke to the Ishimura's crew deck, somebody had destroyed the shuttle's singularity core and scattered its navcards into hidden locations in the crew deck, rendering the shuttle inoperable and explaining why it was not ejected from the Ishimura or hijacked by fleeing survivors. Dr. Kyne was extremely interested in getting the shuttle back into working condition in order to return the Red Marker back to Aegis VII and he is willing to take considerable risks to complete his mission.[1]


After acquiring the singularity core from the USM Valor and the missing navcards from the crew deck, Isaac was granted access to the damaged shuttle by a now excited Dr. Kyne, who instructed Isaac to repair the shuttle and remove any Necromorphs from the area. After Isaac has inserted the navcards and the singularity core, the shuttle's engines still need to be tested before it can leave the Ishimura. While Isaac was testing the engines, the Hunter ambushed Isaac. After the Hunter was eliminated, Dr. Kyne piloted the shuttle out of the Ishimura to await Isaac's retrieval of the Red Marker in the flight deck.[1]

After the Red Marker has been placed into the shuttle's cargo hold, Kendra Daniels shoots Dr. Kyne in the chest with a Divet and left Isaac on the ship. However, before she can shock out, Isaac was instructed by the hallucination of Nicole to the flight deck control room, where he issued the emergency shuttle recall signal, causing the shuttle to return to the ship. Kendra, however, left the shuttle via an escape pod before the shuttle re-enters the Ishimura.

Escaping Aegis VIIEdit

Following Isaac's battle with the Hive Mind, he was forced to escape the planet with great haste as the tectonic chunk removed by the Ishimura prior to Necromorph outbreak plummets towards the colony. With no time to spare, Isaac escaped the gravitational pull of the planet only to witness the tectonic mass impact the planet with a blinding explosion.


After being adrift for three weeks, two Earth Government agents, Maxmillian Reinhardt and Xander Sklar receive a transmission from a Pleasure Cruiser stating they received a distress signal from a small shuttle in the Yothei System, and began boarding preparations.[2]



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