Escape is one of the five multiplayer maps in Dead Space 2. The map required the players to breach access to new areas, prime escape pods and eventually escape from the Sprawl. The map is described being more linear with more corridors and more hiding spots for the Necromorphs.[1]


Escape is set on the decommissioned USG Ishimura, docked at the Sprawl. The Security Team on the map are attempting to escape and are required to open section by section of the ship until they reached several escape pods. The Necromorph Infection, however hampered their progress.


  • The Security Team attempting to escape would be considered to be abandoning their post.
  • Due to the nature of the human team's escape of the Ishimura within the Sprawl itself, it can be assumed that this map occurs during the same time period when the scrubbing team in the main campaign was wiped out.


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