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June 18, 2314

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Doctor Earl Serrano was the Sovereign Colonies leading scientist on Tau Volantis in 2311. In 2314, he led Privates Tim Caufman and Sam Ackerman to the crashed ship where the Codex was, contacting him several times. When Caufman and Ackerman made it back to base however, everyone was dead, and Serrano's whereabouts were unknown. [1]

Throughout the nightmare of Dead Space 3, many logs of Serrano's research can be discovered. They often depict Serrano's fascination, and excitement about his research. These logs also give background information of the planet Tau Volantis, and the alien species that lived there.

Serrano's body and final recorded message can later be found within the chamber leading up to the alien machine.[2] It is possible that he died from either exposure(Elisabeth Atwood mentions that her crew required a portable heating unit to keep warm), dehydration, or from succumbing to his wounded leg, if infection set in.

Serrano's LogsEdit

Serrano's Last MessageEdit

"Argh! Well, I’ve gone and busted my knee open. I suppose the Codex is in Mahad’s hands by now, and this place is about to be buried, like everywhere else. (chuckles) I remember telling my college professor I wanted to study xenoarcheology. He laughed right in my face. 'There’s nothing to study,' he said. 'It’s all dead space. No alien life exists out in the universe.' In a way, I guess he was right. There is no life beyond our system, only a trail of extinction, brought by the Moons. And now it’s right on our doorstep. Well, above us lies the means of turning off the Machine, but also the means to complete it. Turning it off will finish our species, completing it will save us. I had hoped to be here to witness the saving part. It would have been spectacular to witness the Moon getting pulled into the planet and crushed to oblivion - a final act by the natives - a sacrifice to save us all. But now, I must rest. Perhaps Tim will be along soon with the Codex."
—Dr. Earl Serrano


  • He is voiced by actor John J. Concado.
  • Serrano's full healthy appearance is never seen in game or illustrations, the only form he appears in is as an ancient corpse in the Alien City. However, his full body concept can be found in the Dead Space art book.
  • Although Terrence Kyne coined the term "Necromorph" in 2508, Serrano somehow knew of and used it in his logs in Dead Space 3, almost 200 years before its official invention. It is possible that he may have coined the name during the infestation but, given that the entire colony was killed either by Necromorphs or General Mahad's troops, the name died with him.
  • Interestingly, in the game files, Serrano has an 'alive' version of himself. He resembles the man who got killed by the Fodders  in Prologue: Beginnings . It's unknown whether he was supposed to appear in person in Dead Space 3.



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