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Dylan Carver is the son of Damara and John Carver.

Biography Edit


"Is that dad? Thanks for the present dad! When you're coming home?
Okay, I love you dad. Who wants to play a soldier?!
—Dylan in an audio log

Living on the planet Uxor, Dylan was raised by his mother while his father was kept largely preoccupied by his EarthGov duties. In spite of his father's frequent absences, Dylan idolized his father's role as a soldier and was largely understanding of why he was away all the time.

During a conversation on Dylan's birthday, John tried to discourage Damara from entertaining their son with the possibility of becoming a soldier after he received a toy soldier as a gift[1]. John did not want his son to experience his hardships, especially being unable to adjust and balance his duties with family life[2].

Damara and dylan slashers liberation

Infected Damara and Dylan attacking John.

When the Unitologists attacked Uxor in an effort to "free" the Shroud 4 Marker, the EMP emitted from the Marker knocked down all of the communications and vehicles. Carver is helpless to stop the ship that plummeted from orbit and destroyed most of the Residential Sector. During his race to reach his family, Dylan and his mother are killed by Jacob Danik, the leader of the Circle[1]. Carver is left with no choice, but to kill them when they are transformed into Necromorphs.

Carver's Hallucinations Edit

"What are you afraid of? She's waiting for you."
—Dylan in Carver's hallucinationBefore landing on Tau Volantis, Carver is hailed over his RIG by the CMS Brusilov. To his surprise, the frightened voice of his son called out to him[3]. Carver and Isaac Clarke entered the ship and re-established the life support systems. On the lower deck, Carver found a miniature soldier sitting before a Marker. Against Isaac's warning, he picked it up for study and suddenly heard his son's voice asking why he "did it." After dispatching the Necromorphs that swarmed them throughout the ship, Isaac asked what the Marker showed him, only for Carver to avoid the question.
What are you afraid of carver

Dylan appearing as bloodied.

 On the frozen planet, hallucinations of Damara led Carver into the Archaeology Warehouse where visions of her, Dylan and his toys, scattered throughout the complex haunted him. Party streamers adorned with guilt-ridden messages ("Daddy hates me", "Happy Birthday, Dylan") and a giant cake reminded Carver about what he lost.[2]. The Marker influence continued to haunt Carver with his family in the bid that the soldier will kill himself to be "made whole" with his family in death. However, Carver is able to overcome the Marker's influence and destroy his connection with it by destroying the Marker in his mind.[4].
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Trivia Edit

  • It is strange how he was turned into a Slasher when he was transformed, as usually humans of his age are converted into members of the Pack.

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