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DredgerCorp is a corporation in the Dead Space universe. It was the company initially responsible for unearthing the Black Marker under the Gulf of Mexico in 2214[1].

In Dead Space: Martyr, it used to own an underwater terrestrial facility near the coast of Puerto Chicxulub. It was revealed that the second member was Charles Hammond, a fellow technician who informed Michael Altman about the phenomenon, later committed suicide (most likely affected by the alien effigy), on the night of 2215 in the streets of the city.

On March 14, 2215, when Michael and his girlfriend Ada Chavez escaped the infected facility of the DredgerCorp, they went to Washington, D.C. and held a press conference about the alien artifact. The next day, Craig Markoff, Krax and other men brought them to the waterworks of DredgerCorp, and Michael and Ada died there as a punishment.

In Dead Space 3, Isaac Clarke ventures through a DredgerCorp office on the New Horizons Colony on Luna while on the run from the Circle[2]. Its presence indicates that the corporation survived the (presumably costly and scandalous) Black Marker incident and is still operating 300 years later.


Dead space dredger lob

The DredgerCorp Lobby of The Lunar Colony


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