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lead many people including himself into committing suicide


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Deakin St. John Abbott was a 1st Class Engineer and Unitology preacher who lived and worked on in the colony of Aegis 7.


Early LifeEdit

Deakin Abbott was born on Mars, a second genner whose parents were both first-gen Mars natives. An unremarkable early life and education was tempered by his aptitude for mechanics and engineering, which led him to a career in those fields. He came to specialize in 'hostile terrain' vehicles, and was working for the Martian police's vehicle and engineering division during the Mars Capita riots.

Deakin's wife Tina Abbott , a civilian and housewife, was killed in those same riots by police fire into a crowded street. Disillusioned with life and the world, Abbott sought solace in Unitology. The church only deepened his growing distrust of government and its officials, even Mars Capita's new 'idealist' administration. Soon Unitology became Deakin's life, and he began lay preaching while continuing to work as an engineer, though he no longer accepted work on state contracts.

Deakin was slowly becoming persona non grata on Mars, and he began looking for a way off the planet. At the same time, a former colleague from his work with the police contacted him. Now working for CEC, his old colleague headhunted Deakin for the company, and he jumped at the chance to escape his bad memories.

Deakin worked his way up to become a supervisor in the VTM (Vehicular, Transport & Mechanical) division of CEC's colony operations, and he continues to preach the gospel of Unitology.

The Second Aegis VII IncidentEdit

He was shown to be quite devout and lead numerous congregations of Unitologists in the colony. His devout beliefs were what made Abraham Neumann frustrated about him. Upon the Marker's discovery he led a small group of Unitologists to the dig site where Abbott had a strange vision of his mother telling him to protect the Marker. Later, Abbott led a congregation toward the site but were refused entry and simply stood near the site and prayed. As the condition of the colonists continued to deteriorate he led another congregation informing them that their symptoms were the Marker "preparing" them.

Abbott led another rally, this time during the initial removal of the Marker which released a temporary, irritating screech into the minds of all colonists. Abbott interpreted this screech as the voice of God and consequently ordered the Unitologists, as well as himself, to kill themselves. His body, as well as the other bodies of the Unitologists, were moved to the morgue where they were kept under preservation. The bodies eventually were reanimated into Necromorphs and ended up taking over the colony.


  • Deakin Abbott was born during the Resource Wars, on Earth, and Scorpio VI.
  • A deacon is a member of the lay public who volunteers to assist the church. Deakin (or Deacon) may be this character's title, rather than his name. Deacons may or may not be 'ordained', or officially sanctioned by the church. Hence Abbott's "lay preacher" status. As an Abbot is also a church rank (generally the head of a monastery in several religions, including Christianity) it is possible that the developers chose these names to reflect the characters devout nature. It should be noted that neither name is spelled the same as the the church positions traditionally have been- Deakin Abbott as opposed to Deacon Abbot.
  • In Dead Space: Extraction Chapter 2, Nathan McNeill finds Deakin Abbott's toetag in the morgue, but curiously not the body despite the database of the morgue claiming the bodies had not been moved.



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