Dead Space Wiki contains copyrighted informationEdit

All information held within the Dead Space Wiki is copyrighted by one of the following companies:

Material that is not copyrighted by Electronic Arts or by those in direct proximity of relationship with the Daed Space franchise is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported (CC-BY-SA).

Dead Space Wiki contains spoilersEdit

Dead Space Wiki maintains the policy of documenting all information about the Dead Space universe in an "omniscient" point of view. Though there is a "spoiler" warning for content of material that has not yet been released, it is by no means used every time spoilers are present. When using Dead Space Wiki, you will find that every article contains as complete and thorough information as is possible. If you do not wish to have the details about any Dead Space-related storyline spoiled for you, it would be best if you did not use Dead Space Wiki until you have finished playing or reading through the storyline.

Dead Space Wiki does not protect privacyEdit

Any information found on Dead Space Wiki is not protected. The wiki format makes that impossible. Anything you put into an article or on a user page about yourself will be available to the public. In essence, you are publishing all information that you add when you edit a post.

At the same time, Dead Space Wiki does not collect information about its users. Your IP address will be recorded only when you make an edit for the sake of attributing that edit to a specific user. Providing Dead Space Wiki with your real name and/or e-mail address is optional. If you do not wish for any information about you to be released, do not post it on Dead Space Wiki anywhere.

Dead Space Wiki is not censoredEdit

Dead Space Wiki is a wiki about the Dead Space universe which is rated "M" by the Entertainment Software Rating Board. This means that the wiki's content is intended for mature audiences, aged 17 and older. The content of Dead Space Wiki's articles and images are therefore also intended for audiences 17 and older. Since the website cannot censor information, it is best to use discretion when viewing Dead Space Wiki's content.

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