This page is an official Dead Space Wiki policy.

Blogs are not meant as a replacement for Dead Space Wiki's forums. While forums are meant for discussion, blogs are meant to present the viewpoint of a single author. If your intent is to gather opinions or input of other members in the community, it belongs as a forum thread. If the blog is more suited for the forums, an Administrator will indicate that it belongs on the forums and he or she will move it to that namespace.


Users must abide by ALL of the following guidelines:

  1. Must have a minimum length of two paragraphs or more, complete with good grammar and spelling.
  2. Have a thesis or purpose.
  3. Be understandable to the average user.
  4. Not include any advertisements whatsoever.
  5. Blog comments will have a minimum of five words in length and not contain spam material.

Regarding FanfictionEdit

Dead Space Wiki is a canon wiki. As such, and because fanfictions by their very nature do not follow rule #2 of the Guidelines, stated above, they are not allowed.

There is a Wiki dedicated specifically to Dead Space fanon, the aptly named Dead Space Fanon Wiki in which you are encouraged to post all your stories.

Fanfiction blogs posted on this Wiki will have their comment section locked, along with a message to the author to move their work over at the Dead Space Fanon Wiki. Such blogs will be deleted after two days.