Dead Space: Extraction
DeadSpace Extraction Comic Cover
Antony Johnston
Ben Templesmith
Image Comics
Publication Date
September 2009
Number of Issues
33 pages
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Dead Space: Extraction was a comic based in the video game of the same name. It was published by Image Comics and was written by Antony Johnston (Who also wrote Dead Space and the first comics' dialogue) with art by Ben Templesmith.

Story SummaryEdit

The story began with a conversation between Nicole Brennan and Isaac Clarke over the news about Nicole’s recent relocation and promotion. Isaac seemed to be taking it harder than Nicole which prompted his girlfriend and fiancé to lighten the mood by cracking jokes over Isaac's own failure to propose to her which was the reason why they are not both assigned to the USG Ishimura. The conversation and scene culminated with a solemn goodbye as Nicole boarded a shuttle to the Ishimura.

The next scene took place in Dr. Terrence Kyne’s office, two days prior to extraction. A conversation over Harris’ insanity quickly turned awkward as Nicole inadvertently offended the doctor by stating that all of the “colony crazies” are Unitologists. Kyne pointedly corrected her insensitivity as Nicole left politely.

Shortly after extraction, Nicole was shown reflecting on the impact of the Marker on much of the crew. She noted the peculiarity that the medical crew was cut considerably and what little staff remained was switched out with many people with whom she was unfamiliar. She and her assistant, Perry debated the morality of Captain Mathius’ no-fly order. Nicole was confident that Mathius’ decision was keeping the Ishimura safe. Despite her brave face, she confessed her own fear to herself: “Patients are hallucinating, self-harming, suffering from severe depression and raving about monsters. It would take more than a no-fly order to stop this.” Perry interrupted her thoughts as he bursted into the room, ranting about a dozen injured colonists who are apparently gravely injured. Before he could finish, a communications link opened. Alissa Vincent contacted Nicole regarding four colonists who "just snuck their way on board". She went on to request that Nicole should check them for infection. Dr. Brennan obliged, asking Vincent to bring them to Quarantine.

The following scene nearly mirrored the viewpoint from Extraction. Nicole became somewhat obsessed with Lexine’s odd neural patterns, insisting that there was something that she could nearly pinpoint if it was not for the lack of proper equipment in Quarantine. After the group left, Nicole stumbled upon Mathius’ body in the Morgue. It was at that point that she realized the gravity of the situation.

Nicole returned to her room to find Perry sitting at his desk. As she walked into the room, a Necromorph bursted through an overhead vent and decapitated him swiftly. Nicole quickly concluded that these must be the monsters which the patients are raving about. She and her escorts barely escaped as they riveted a barricade over the door. Assured about their safety, Nicole and a couple of security officers parted ways from the group. She noted that Eckhardt and Lexine did not seem to fit the scenario, assuming that they must look to the others for protection. This was the last time that Nicole saw any of them.

Shortly after, Nicole received a wide cast transmission asking for assistance with the rapidly increasing number of patients in Sick Bay 2. She responded eagerly, but her attempt to leave was barred by a guard who recommended that she should stay in the room. Nicole used this time to further analyze Lexine’s scans. After some reflection, she began to see patterns within points where the wave lines crossed. Once again, a Necromorph bursted into the room, interrupting her thoughts. After the guard was killed, Nicole was forced to make a run for it.

Luckily, she was able to make it to Sick Bay 2. The situation was worse than anyone could imagine. There are far more patients than staff and supplies are scarce. Out of options, Nicole ordered the use of all of the available medical kits. She knew that they would not save anyone, but the least that she could do was to ease the pain before death. Even these ran out before long. Hopelessly, she began to doubt that she would see Isaac again. Concluding that there was nothing more that she could do, she turned back to Lexine’s scans. She analyzed the patterns more closely. As she let herself be mesmerized by the patterns, she fell asleep. She awoke, screaming after seeing herself surrounded by the Necromorphs. After holding off a final wave, she turned once again to the patterns. This time, she connected them with the symbols found on the Marker.

Nicole decided that she could sequence the patterns and create a cure for the infection. This motivation ended as quickly as it began, however after she realized that she lacked most of the equipment needed to do so.

This was her last shred of hope. Realizing that there was no hope, she sat at her desk and opened a transmission addressed to Isaac: "Isaac. It was me. I wished that I could talk to you."


  • This comic was the first installment in the Dead Space universe to portray Earth. In addition, this was the first installment in the Dead Space universe not to begin with a video log, but it concluded with one.
  • Nicole was the only known person in the entire Dead Space universe that discovered a cure for the Marker's influence, but died with the idea.
  • Terrence Kyne differred greatly from his in-game and Downfall counterparts. He appeared much younger and in better shape in the Dead Space: Extraction comics.
  • Nicole's final line was her first line in Dead Space.
  • The pages of the comic could be found in the ninth episode of Battlefield Hardline on Independence Day in Julian Dawes' Penthouse on a table.