Dead Space: Extraction
Dead Space Extraction

Visceral Games


Electronic Arts


Nintendo Wii, PlayStation 3

Release date(s):

US: September 29th, 2009
UK: October 3rd, 2009


Survival horror, rail-shooter


Single-player, two-player cooperative


ESRB Mature 17+ / PEGI 18

"Dead Space: Extraction told the untold story of the Aegis VII Colony through a handful of survivors battling to reach the orbiting USG Ishimura among a horrific infection. As their allies mysteriously fell victim to dementia, it became clear that protecting a young girl granting them a bizarre immunity may be their only hope for survival."
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Dead Space: Extraction was a 2009 rail shooter and the prequel to Dead Space, exclusive to the Nintendo Wii and PlayStation 3.




Dead Space: Extraction took place prior to the events of Dead Space. Set in the year 2508[note 1], the story followed a group of four survivors, Lexine Murdoch, Nathan McNeill, Gabe Weller and Warren Eckhardt who tried to escape the nightmare of the Necromorph outbreak on the Aegis VII colony and on the USG Ishimura. The story intertwined with the story of Dead Space and shed light on the certain events of the plot.


  • Sam Caldwell - A playable character for the first chapter. Sam was an engineer on Aegis VII tasked with removing the Red Marker from it's pedestal. Throughout the first chapter, the player controlled Sam as he tried to re-establish the power and life support to the colony during the unexplained murders of his teammates and the miners down in the Megavents.
  • Lexine Murdoch - The girlfriend of Sam Caldwell. Lexine was a surveyor on Aegis VII present during the second Necromorph outbreak on the colonized planet. She accompanied the survivors to the USG Ishimura in the hopes of finding refuge from the terrors spreading through her home. Lexine had an apparent immunity to the effects of the Red Marker and experienced odd headaches and bouts of nausea on the Ishimura.
  • Nathan McNeill - The main character and protagonist of the game. Nathan was a P-Sec detective overseeing the investigation of the murders committed by Sam Caldwell. He took on the responsibility of protecting Lexine after insisting that she should accompany him and Gabe to safety.
  • Gabe Weller - A security officer aboard the USG Ishimura. Gabe and his team are assigned to a body retrieval mission on Aegis VII when the outbreak occurred on the colony. Alongside Nathan, the sergeant protected Lexine and Warren Eckhardt from the hideous creatures that inhabited the Ishimura. He would later become Lexine's husband.
  • Warren Eckhardt - A CEC executive aboard the USG Ishimura. Warren often provided the group with access to the rooms and areas blocked to those without executive clearance or permission. Warren took a seemingly neutral position on the issue of Unitology and was quick to defend them from accusation.
  • Nicole Brennan - The Senior Medical Officer aboard the USG Ishimura. Dead Space: Extraction saw Nicole in an active role of duty before her death. Nicole oversaw the health and status of the survivors during a routine quarantine check. For a time, she accompanied them through the ship to a possible area of safety after encountering the "small infection" that plagued the ship and it's crew.
  • Dr. Karen Howell - A botanist who worked on the Hydroponics Deck on the USG Ishimura. Howell was a playable character in the seventh chapter of the game. A survivor of Hydroponics, Howell teamed up with Lexine (Separated from the group) and fought to escape the Ishimura before they are overcame by the infection.

Plot SummaryEdit

The story began with a small crew of miners. Among them was a man named Sam Caldwell who was helping to extract the Red Marker from Aegis VII. The crew began to suffer from hallucinations including Sam who killed many others in a severe state of dementia which caused him to believe that they are attacking him. Before he could escape, a P-Sec squad arrived and killed him.

Some time later, Detective Nathan McNeill who was working on the case file of the rampage met an old friend, Gabe Weller, now serving on the USG Ishimura. As the planet cracking began, the power went out and the colony descended into chaos as they are attacked first by psychotic colonists under the influence of the Red Marker and by Necromorphs, monstrous reanimated creatures made from the bodies of the dead. They also discovered Lexine Murdoch, Sam's girlfriend (As it was seen in a short prologue) and agreed to take her to safety. The group raced to find a shuttle and eventually found one in the Megavents, thanks to a man named Warren Eckhardt, an executive from the mining company. The four of them flew to the Ishimura for help, but the Ishimura wanted them to return to the surface. The group refused which resulted in the Ishimura shooting them down with it's cannons, causing the shuttle to crash into the Ishimura and forcing the group to spacewalk to a nearby airlock.

After entering the Ishimura, the group discovered that the ship was infested with Necromorphs. As they attempted to move to the Bridge which they believed to be safer, they encountered Nicole Brennan in the Medical Bay who elected to stay behind in case anyone else arrived. The rest of the group continued on, but they soon fell into the sewage system where Lexine was attacked by the Swarmers and was pulled into a water tank. The group assumed that she died. Dr. Karen Howell discovered Lexine who somehow survived and the two found McNeill, Eckhardt and Weller. McNeill, Weller and Lexine continued on while Howell attempted to shut the sewage system down, guarded by Eckhardt, but Howell was soon killed by a Necromorph tentacle due to Eckhardt fleeing and locking the door behind him. When he found the others, Eckhardt lied, saying that Howell died fighting off a swarm of Necromorphs.

In order to search for a shuttle to get off the Ishimura, McNeill and Lexine split up from Weller and Eckhardt to search multiple shuttle bays. Weller and Eckhardt found a shuttle, but Weller caught Eckhardt finishing a recording of a message to a member of the Church of Unitology. Weller watched the message. Eckhardt said that he was sent to find a person who was immune to the effects of the Marker and who could protect others from it's effects as well and he believed that Lexine was that person. After Weller was done watching the message, Eckhardt shot Weller and told him about his plans, only to be killed by a Leaper while his back was turned. McNeill and Lexine found Weller and escaped on the shuttle right after McNeill shut the power to the cannons down on the Ishimura that are preventing them from leaving, although he had to cut off his arm in the process after a monster's quill pinned it to the floor. As they escaped, they heard a transmission from the USG Kellion which included the 3 crewmen, Zach Hammond, Kendra Daniels and Isaac Clarke. Lexine tried to warn them away, but they did not receive the message and the Kellion entered the Ishimura, starting the events of Dead Space.

In the epilogue, Lexine was shown being attacked from behind by a Necromorph. There was official confirmation that this Slasher was indeed the infected corpse of P-Sec officer Nathan McNeill[note 2].

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Dead Space Extraction Character Developer Diary Trailer HD

Dead Space Extraction Character Developer Diary Trailer HD

Dead Space: Extraction Character Developer Diary Trailer

Unlike it's predecessor, Extraction was a rail-shooter utilizing the Wii Remote, PlayStation Move controller or standard DualShock 3 to aim and shoot at prospective targets. Features such as Stasis, Kinesis, Zero Gravity and concepts such as dismemberment returned and are still key gameplay elements. The game introduced new characters, weapons, enemies, puzzles and locations aboard the USG Ishimura and also included drop-in/drop-out co-operative multiplayer gameplay (Meaning that a second player could enter or leave the game at any time without significant interruption).

The game featured old weapons like the Plasma Cutter, Flamethrower and Pulse Rifle as well as introducing new ones such as the P-Sec Pistol from Dead Space: Downfall and the Arc Welder, a weapon that discharged a cone of electricity. Like in the original game, all weapons could be upgraded.

When it was played with a motion controller such as the Wii Remote or the PlayStation Move controller, functions such as aiming, melee attacks and secondary firing modes are handled by motion input. Melee attacks are executed by swinging the Nunchuck left, right, up or down and secondary firing modes could be entered by twisting the motion controller sideways. The motion controller could also be used to look around in areas where the game allowed you to by aiming to a specific area and the camera would pan in that specific direction.

A new item, the Glow Worm provided illumination for a limited time and was activated by shaking the controller. When the game was played with a standard DualShock 3 on the PlayStation 3, all control inputs are appointed to buttons, (With the exception of the Glow Worm). On Nintendo Wii, audio logs played through the Wii Remote's speaker. Extraction also had some features more like adventure games such as puzzles and branching pathways.


In addition to the standard forms of Necromorphs of Dead Space, Dead Space: Extraction featured four new Necromorphs exclusive to the game:

Standard FormEdit

  • Colonists : The inhabitants of Aegis VII who went insane from the effects of the Red Marker. They attacked with their fists and are significantly more durable than normal humans. These are the only enemies which are not Necromorphs.
  • Flyer : A winged Necromorph capable of flight. It's main form of attack was assaulting victims from above. The Flyers are first introduced in Dead Space: Extraction.
  • Grabber : An immobile Necromorph with an extremely long, muscled neck, a jawed head and a serrated spine. It grabbed victims with it's head and pulled them to the serrated spine to kill them. The Grabbers are first introduced in Dead Space: Extraction.
  • Slasher : The most common form of a Necromorph. It attacked using two large blades sprouted from the victim's hands. Female Slashers could spit out projectiles. It had an enhanced form which was encountered later in the game.
  • Infector : A bat-like Necromorph with the sole-purpose of infecting corpses with a proboscis and turning them into new Necromorphs. The Infector could create standard and enhanced forms of the Slashers.
  • Leaper : A Necromorph more commonly found in Zero Gravity areas. It attacked with it's large tail which was a fusion of the victim's legs and intestines. It also had an enhanced form encountered later in the game.
  • Drag Tentacle : A long and thick tentacle with a glowing yellow pustule. The Drag Tentacles dragged victims to their deaths, usually into holes in walls or ceilings.
  • Swarmer : The tiny Necromorphs which appeared to be reanimated flesh that traveled in large groups and could jump at victims and rip away at their flesh.
  • Pregnant : A large hulking Necromorph that carried a payload of Swarmers along with two large scythe-like blades.
  • Exploder : A small, thin Necromorph with an appendage containing a highly explosive organic compound which rivaled it's own size.
  • Lurker : The reanimated infants that prowled the corridors and are often found in Zero Gravity. They attacked with three barbed tentacles that fired quills.
  • Brute : A very large and powerful Necromorph that could charge with great bursts of speed, using it's weight and strength to crush it's victims. Only one Brute was encountered in the game.

Advanced FormEdit

  • The Spider : A gigantic, armoured-spider-like Necromorph with two large arms that could fire barbs and giant tentacles. It had a long tube-like mouth that could reach out and latch onto it's victim. Once onto it's target, many small pustules started to grow inside the mouth, bursting and hurting it's victim. At times, glowing sacs attached to a tentacle would appear from it's mouth and burst to release Leapers. The Spider was first introduced in Dead Space: Extraction.
  • The Urchin : A giant, formless body surrounded by multiple tentacles which it used as whips. It could project explosive sacs at victims. The Urchin was first introduced in Dead Space: Extraction.

Chapters Edit

Marketing Promotion and ReleaseEdit


Main article: Dead Space: Extraction (comics)

Written by Antony Johnston, the comic book adaptation of Dead Space: Extraction focused not on the four survivors of the game, but Nicole Brennan before and during the events of the outbreak on Aegis VII and the Ishimura. Nicole fought to solve the riddle of the Necromorph pathogen and the possibility of a cure after she discovered the oddities in Lexine's brain wave patterns.


  • Unlike Dead Space, Extraction was an on-the-rails shooter, meaning that the player did not control the protagonist's movement.
  • When you took the first letter from each chapter just like Dead Space, they formed the words "W.A.R.R.E.N. L.I.E.S." revealing that Warren lied about not being a Unitologist.
  • Similar to Dead Space, the ending was left ambiguous to viewers, leaving people to question the final ending until the next game of the series.
  • As with nearly all Dead Space media, the game opened with a transmission that foreshadowed the rest of the events. In Extraction, the transmission was much more pleasant than the other opening vidlogs.
  • The game cover featured the image of a woman (Lexine Murdoch) with a horrified expression firing a Plasma Cutter with Nathan McNeill behind her. The both of them are presumably fighting off the Necromorphs. The horrified woman image briefly became a meme on
  • This cover was replaced by new artwork viewed from the PlayStation Store that depicted Nathan, Gabe and Lexine.
  • There are two variations of Extraction for PS3: The variation that was part of the PS3 Limited or Collector's Editions of Dead Space 2 while downloaded to the PS3 still required the physical disc to be played. The other variation was a simple download from the PSN and did not require the disc.
  • In the second Chapter, "Another Day at The Office", the Visceral Games logo could be seen in the morgue, shortly after the Chapter began.
  • The game's structure was a mirror image of Dead Space, beginning with the removal of the Marker from the dig site into the colony, moving to the Ishimura and deactivating the ADS system, ending with a shuttle exiting the Ishimura and a message from Nicole.




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  1. Dead Space: Extraction takes place three years before the events of Dead Space 2, the latter taking place in 2511. Steve Papoutsis' reply via Twitter was most likely a typo or oversight
  2. The in-game footage is unclear, as the last scene of Extraction simply depicts a Necromorph attacking a lone Lexine. However, Dead Space Executive Producer Steve Papoutsis clarified McNeill's fate while answering some fan questions. In addition, there is no mention of McNeil whatsoever in the Severed DLC.
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