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David Chang
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EarthGov, Concordance Extraction Corporation


David Chang was a high-ranking official (Defense Secretary) of Earth Government famed for making tough decisions and his hawkish attitude to the military's role in Government.

Dead Space: SalvageEdit

David Chang was shown visiting the USM Victory via his personal shuttle, Skyrocket, to discuss the plans for Red Marker fragment retrieval by members of the USG O'Bannon. He expressed orders to have the USG Ishimura retrieved to obtain more Marker information at the cost of being liable to lose his job back on Earth if he failed. Change later debrief information to the visiting Oracles before they disembarked to survey the activities of the Ishimura. He was later seen helping to interrogate Julia Copland on the whereabouts of the remaining Marker she and her crew managed to uncover. Chang was last seen attempting to order Stefan Schneider to cease his escape attempts and submit to his authority before Schneider mockingly shockpointed out of reach before inviting Chang to take the Necromorph-infested Ishimura.


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